Jihad American Style: 35 terror training camps in U.S.

Fox News Story: terror training camps in the U.S.

Muslims of the Americas

“Muslims of the Americas (MOA) is a virulently anti-Semitic, Islamic extremist group with ties to Al-Fuqra, a terrorist organization that has carried out firebombings and murders in the United States. MOA claims to have offices in six U.S. cities and Toronto and maintains secluded residential communities in New York, Virginia and California. The group’s Web site and e-mails have featured writings by notorious anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers, including Michael Hoffman and former Klansman David Duke. “             

Homegrown Terror Training: News video

HANNITY: Do you think — you think Gilani’s facilities in the U.S. are planning attacks on American cities and — it’s almost unimaginable in a post-9/11 world that that could exist. You’re saying you think that they’re planning, plotting, scheming the next attack against the Americans?

MAWYER: Not only do I believe that, not only would people who watch this documentary believe that, but even the law enforcement officials that we have spoken with, not the ones based in Washington, D.C., but the field officers, they believe that. We’ve had law enforcement tell us they have weapons of mass destruction, that they…

HANNITY: What — what kind of weapons of mass destruction?

MAWYER: Well, in some cases I can’t even tell you, Sean, because the confidential information that was given to me by these particular law enforcement officials.

NEW DOCUMENTARY: Watch Trailer here


Another Holy War, Waged On American Soil


Federal investigators know Muslims of the Americas by another name: “Al-Fuqra,” Arabic for “the impoverished.” Once written off as an inconsequential splinter group, Al-Fuqra is now considered perhaps the most dangerous fundamentalist sect operating in the United States. Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, alleged to be the spiritual inspiration for the World Trade Center bombing, may be the most notorious Islamic cleric on American soil. But Al-Fuqra and its Pakistani founder, Sheik Mubarak Shah Jilani, have perpetrated far more havoc. Law-enforcement officials say they are responsible for a decade-long string of assassinations and bombings in the name of Islamic purity.

. . . intelligence sources say Sheik Jilani’s mentoring of young Muslims includes terrorist training. In 1992 the CIA began receiving reports that he had established a camp for Islamic militants in Sudan, now controlled by a radical Muslim regime. The agency also established that Jilani was well connected inside ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence service. U.S. analysts suspect that Pakistan was using the sheik’s recruits as clandestine warriors in terrorist actions against Indian targets. Shortly before leaving office, the Bush administration warned the Pakistani government that it would be listed as a terrorist-sponsor state unless it purged ISI. Sources say that jilani’s inside connections were dismissed as a result.


Although various members have been suspected of assassinations and other acts of terror perpetrated in the 1980s and later, [12] and some members having been charged with conspiracy to commit first degree murder and other crimes, [13] al-Fuqra itself is not listed as a terror group by the US or the EU (it was listed as terrorist organization in the 1999 Patterns of Global Terrorism report by the U.S. State Department.) [14]

News reports have attempted to connect “shoe bomber” Richard Reid and “Washington sniper” John Allen Muhammad to al-Fuqra, but the connections were not definitive. There are also allegations that Clement Rodney Hampton-El, one of the plotters who planned to blow up various New York City bridges and tunnels, was a member of Al Fuqra. [15] The group has been banned in Pakistan. [16]

The bombing of the Hotel Rajneesh can be definitively tied to an al-Fuqra member. On July 29, 1983, Stephen Paul Paster, an al-Fuqra member, set off a bomb at the Hotel Rajneesh, a hotel in Portland, Oregon. This hotel, located at SW 10th Avenue and Pine Street, was owned by the Rajneesh religious group and featured the Zorba the Buddha nightclub. [17] Paster had several bombs and homemade napalm in his room, but one of the bombs went off in his hands while he was placing the bombs in the midst of the napalm. [18]

Paster was almost immediately arrested after the bombs went off, as he was one of only two people injured in the explosion, which took place at 1:23 a.m. After the hotel was evacuated two other explosions occurred at 3 a.m. Paster was charged with arson due to the fire which resulted from the explosions. [19] Paster posted $20,000 bail, but fled Oregon and was not apprehended until June 1984 in Englewood, Colorado. In November 1985, Paster was sentenced to 20 years in prison by a Multnomah County circuit judge.[18]

News report 2002: Gilani implicated in abduction of Daniel Pearl


Pakistani officials have arrested an Islamic cleric who is the prime suspect in the abduction of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, Pakistani and U.S. State Department sources said Wednesday.


Sheik Mubarak Ali Shan Gilani was arrested by Pakistani police in the northern city of Rawalpindi and transported to Karachi, State Department officials said. At least a dozen of his followers have also been detained.


Gilani was not held responsible for Pearl’s beheading.  However, Pakistan has banned Gilani and his organization.


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