Lawsuit Challenging Obama Eligibility Continues

by Allan Erickson

Thanks to Arlen Williams and Hanen Khelil I was privileged to listen in on a live conversation last night on blogtalkradio centering on President Obama’s citizenship status and eligibility to hold office.  Attorney Philip Berg spoke at length and answered questions.  He is pursuing legal action to either confirm or deny Mr. Obama’s eligibility, and he needs your help.   Contact him and donate here:

The essential point is verifying Barack Obama’s eligibility according to the Constitution.  It’s obvious listening to Berg he is a patriot whose interest is adhering to the rule of law and the terms of our Constitution.   The Constitution states in part:

Article II Section 1

“…No Person except a natural born Citizen …….. shall be eligible to the Office of President. . .

Three things trouble me personally, as an American citizen, following these developments:

1) Mr. Obama could easily end the controversy by producing an original, certified birth certificate instead of relying on a certification of live birth issued by the state of Hawaii, a document anyone can obtain regardless of where they were born.   Mr. Obama’s refusal to produce an original birth certificate proving he was born in Hawaii continues to raise eyebrows, as it should.  Instead of producing the birth certificate, Mr. Obama has hired a number of lawyers to fight Phil Berg and Alan Keyes and others who bring legitimate concerns to the courts.  This raises the obvious question:  What do you have to hide Mr. Obama?

2) The courts appear disinterested in protecting and defending the Constitution.   Numerous actions have been denied or dimissed.  Last night Berg made the point that all it takes to settle the matter is for one judge to order ‘discovery’ so that documents can be presented, and witnesses deposed.   A simple and fair examination of the evidence to confirm Mr. Obama’s eligibility or discover otherwise appears the just way to proceed.   Still, it appears personality and political considerations trump a principled approach to settling this controversy.

3) Americans have a right to redress grievances and hold government accountable.   If the chief executive is actively thwarting citizen rights and blatantly engaging in lawlessness, the very heart of the Republic is imperiled.  Why should anyone play by the rules if the most powerful refuse obedience?  The longer this goes on, the less likely it appears this Administration cares an ounce for integrity and transparency.   And, for Mr. Obama’s lawyers to threaten counter suits against citizens raising these questions is to usher in a new era of executive thuggery unseen in our history.

Where is the proof of your natural born status Mr. Obama?  If it exists, simply produce it, and we can all go about our business. 

If it does not exist, and you have perpetrated a hoax on the American people, step up, tell the truth, quell the potential for violence, and resign honorably.

This is a story that will not go away Mr. Obama until such time as the citizenry is satisfied you are indeed eligible to hold office, or not.

Other sources: Orly Taitz




4 Responses to Lawsuit Challenging Obama Eligibility Continues

  1. Wild Bill says:

    Allen –

    Request permission to copy and post your article.

    Please let me know by eMail.

    PS. USN 1961-1965, PUC from the USS Maddox, DD731, Gulf of Tonkin incident.

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    Wild Bill,

    Feel free! Thanks.


    Will email too.

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