We need the UN as much as we need an ear infection

I love Jesus.  I also like Pat Condell, very, very much.  Take a minute to listen to his excellent commentary about Muslims in western cultures, the United Nations, the Defamation of Religion resolution soon to be entertained in Geneva.  (Can’t say I like Pat’s blanket condemnation of people of faith, but grace, to be grace, must be extended.)

http://www.patcondell.net/  Very funny, very poignant, very biting . . . and spot on!

Free Speech is sacred  by Pat Condell

Luton's Muslim extremists defy public anger




Incident Pat refers to: Muslims protest/insult British soldier returning home

“It is truly beyond the realm of belief, but on March 11 this happened in Luton, England: two British citizens were arrested by the police because they dared protest against a crowd of foul-mouthed Muslim demonstrators who had assembled to shout hate slogans at a parade of British soldiers. In the word “demonstrators” we find “demon,” and the behavior of the young British-born Muslims, accompanied by a crowd of women in burqas, was demonic. Instead of apprehending the abusive radicals, whom some in Britain would regard as fifth-columnists, the police set about arresting two army parade supporters whose rage was, in the view of the nation, well placed.”


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