How is this for a screenplay idea?


By Allan Erickson



The American people, weary from years of war overseas and concerned about several crises such as global warming, international tensions, food and energy shortages, and the growing threat of WND in the hands of terrorists and rogue states, elect a novice politician and relative unknown based primarily on his charisma, a man promising grand solutions and improved global partnerships by diminishing American presence and prestige.  


In a short time suspicious and unexpected developments turn concern to alarm.


The economy tanks, sending the entire world into recession, even depression in some quarters.


Thanks to far-sighted hate crimes legislation, pastors are routinely arrested for preaching against homosexuality and gay marriage.   Churches close left and right.


Thanks to enlightened legislation insuring non-discrimination in employment, Christian schools from K-12 and at the university and post-graduate levels are shut down for refusing to hire practicing homosexuals.


Rogue states and terrorist organizations escalate their attacks, putting the United States in grave peril. 


 Islamic heads of state blame Americans, saying these attacks come from rightwing extremists within the United States, complaining Muslims are being blamed for American-on-American violence.  Islamic officials also claim Jews are responsible for attacks designed to make Muslims look bad. Certain ‘evidence’ is presented to the U.N. which issues an inflammatory denunciation, urging the U.S. to take action to protect Muslims.


Consequently the American government bans all American militia movements, threatening them with imprisonment, confiscating all their firearms, and telling Jews in America they too are on notice.


By executive order the President disbands the NRA, listing it as a domestic terrorist organization.


Illegal immigration in the U.S., along with increases in organized crime in and around the drug trade, enhance terrorist activities to the point where the southern border must be completely closed and walled off with machine gun nests every 500 yards, electronic surveillance, sensors and mine fields. To calm tensions blanket amnesty is granted all illegal immigrants living in the U.S. and 300,000 immediately get government jobs as part of the new economic stimulus package.



As the economy worsens Americans find U.S. troops conducting exercises on American soil in various states.  The National Guard is notified it will be on hair-trigger alert while at the same time the President removes U.S. nuclear weapons from hair-trigger alert. He cuts defense, cancels new weapons systems and research, cancels the voluntary military force, installs a new military draft, and a institutes a compulsory civilian security force to number 3 million Americans, mostly young, all government employed.  Special bonuses and promotion are offered these young people when they finger people suspected of working to overthrow the President.  Children begin turning parents into government authorities.


Senate Democrats insist the radio must be managed by the government because it is alleged radio is dominated by right-wing hate groups responsible for fomenting unrest.


House Republicans, hoping to attract the support of moderates, and playing off peoples’ fear, promote the idea of an assault weapons ban, and a ban on all firearms capable of holding more that 10 rounds per clip.  They also propose the federal government create a national database of all gun owners in the U.S. requiring all gun owners to register and pay a fee each time they use their gun for whatever purpose.   The Congress passes the measure and while it awaits the President’s signature, gun and ammo sales skyrocket.


Soon the people hear the federal government is no longer allowing private citizens to buy more than two boxes of ammunition per month, and, the government bans private citizens from purchasing spent casings from the military, long a practice makling ammunition cheaper for hunters and

sportsmen while providing the government some income as well.



The President signs an executive order stating only Union workers can be employed on government construction projects at every level of government.


The Congress proposes and the President promotes the idea of taxing the internet and limiting email communications to certain hours claiming national security requires more revenue, and the internet is overloaded and will crash without restrictions.


Journalists report the government is conducting a study to determine how many U.S. military personnel have firearms in their private possession.  The government insists the study is only to assess military readiness, but when commanders tell troops and sailors and airmen they must turn in their private weapons, the news is killed and the journalists involved are prosecuted for violating national security. 


Average citizens who bring lawsuits to defend their Constitutional rights or petition government for readdress are told they have no standing before the court.   Conservative Supreme Court Justices suddenly and mysteriously pass away long before their time.


Commercial pilots, who were allowed firearms after 9/11, are not longer able to carry weapons on board, thanks to a new regulation from the President.


Epidemics strike here and there without warning and without the means to respond, especially various forms of flu, taking hundreds of thousands of lives in the U.S., and spreading more fear and panic. 


The economy worsens to the point where Americans are turning their own lawns into vegetable gardens, but the government prohibits the practice saying such plot farming interferes with economic development and aggravates global warming. 


 Further, the government bans all gas-fueled vehicles and forces people to use mopeds, electric cars or mass transit. 


 Food riots break out.


When a U.S. Senator is assassinated followed by more riots protesting government crackdowns and shortages, Marshal Law is declared, all banks are nationalized, along with all oil and gas enterprises, all farms are collectivized, and the government closes all private healthcare

providers, installing a national healthcare system.   


The President manages to get Congress to pass legislation increasing the power of the Executive Branch and allowing the President to serve more than two terms, essentially allowing him to remain in office so long as he wins elections.   


The next day, American food prices fall, but the people are told they can only buy food at government stores from now on as all food distribution channels have been nationalized.


The economy gets worse.  The government spends more and more moeny, prints more money, borrows more money, taxes people more and more, but nothing seems to help the economy while the central government grows ever more powerful.


Calling man-made global warming a crisis, all Americans are told they cannot have more than two children from now on.  Planned Parenthood is given authority to enforce the limits and provide abortion services in the interests of national security, and women’s health.  Those who speak out against abortion are jailed.  Rumors of vast concentration camps operating in remote areas persist.


Given increasing violence on the streets and general unrest and riots and demonstrations, the government bans all private ownership of firearms, and the response is most people voluntarily turn in their weapons, but pockets of resistance are seen, primarily in the west. 


In the end the people cheer the President for bringing world peace in their time, and for turning the tide on global warming, and most people appear happy to live in small apartments, work government jobs, wear exactly the same clothes, and ride the street car to giant office buildings. 


The people become experts at mass demonstrations of sychronized marching and dancing, rivaling displays seen in North Korea and China.


In time, most people forget what it felt like to be free, self-reliant, vital, energetic and creative.


Then one day, a nuclear blast detonates high over the Kansas wheat fields, and the entire country’s electrical and computer networks fry, sending the U.S. back to the 1830s. 


The next day Russian troops land on the east coast.


 Chinese troops land on the west coast. 


The President sends written dispatches telling us we have entered a new, glorious age of peace and egalitarianism. 





(Not that it could ever happen: it’s just a screenplay.)






Military demands details on soldiers’ private guns


Limit civilian access to ammunition


Limit civilian access to ammunition


Disarm airline pilots


Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act: national database of gun owners


Fairness Doctrine


Climate change and social engineering


Electro Magnetic Pulse


Never met a crisis I didn’t like


Food and water shortages




Obama’s national civilian security force


Prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation


Obama Order Boosts Union Work on Large Federal Projects


Prominent Arabs blame 9-11 on Jews


General would deploy troops on U.S. soil





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