The President is all over the map . . . in a mad dash to grab power

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Remembering Schumpeter: Socialism Overtaking Capitalism.


The Sleight of Hand Behind Obama’s Agenda 

by Charles Krauthammer


Obama has come to redeem us with his far-seeing program of universal, heavily nationalized health care; a cap-and-trade tax on energy; and a major federalization of education with universal access to college as the goal. Amazing. As an explanation of our current economic difficulties, this is total fantasy. As a cure for rapidly growing joblessness, a massive destruction of wealth, a deepening worldwide recession, this is perhaps the greatest non sequitur ever foisted upon the American people.


It’s bad enough AIG and CITI bailout funds (your tax dollars) are funding terrorism.

It’s bad enough this President is spending our money irresponsibly in ways our great grandchildren will suffer.  It’s bad enough he is power hungry, proposing a centrally planned economy under the thumb of the federal government (but it’s not socialism).


It’s bad enough his budget will bankrupt the country.

It’s bad enough he intentionally misleads the people about his budget.

It’s bad enough he plans terrible tax increases that will further our economic decline.

It’s bad enough he appears incompetent, his government is integrity-challenged, and the Executive and Legislative branches appear a series of clips from the Three Stooges.  

What’s worse, after promising to improve our image overseas, this President, in only sixty days, has made us a laughing stock, and put us at risk, making us more vulnerable to attack.

Examine the evidence:



This is but a partial list of recent lawlessness, situational constitutionalism and institutional derangement. Such political malfeasance is pertinent to the financial meltdown as the administration, desperately seeking confidence, tries to stabilize the economy by vastly enlarging government’s role in it.

Happy New Year, Mullahs  by William Kristol, March 2009


“The day before Obama’s message was released, reports reached the West that a young Iranian blogger, Omid Mir Sayafi, had died in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison. He had been jailed for insulting the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic. Another Iranian blogger reported that Sayafi was jailed for writing, “Mr. Khamenei, can you love me as much as you love Sheikh Nasrallah’s son?”–questioning Iran’s support for Hezbollah. But President Obama has respect for Sayafi’s persecutors.

The question is, who in the world will have respect for President Obama?”

Special Envoy to the Taliban: Rev. Wright  by P.J. O’Rourke, March 2009


“  .  .  .  part of the success in Iraq involved reaching out to people that we would consider to be Islamic fundamentalists, but who were willing to work with us  .  .  . ”–President Obama, interview with the New York Times
published March 7, 2009I’ve been pondering President Obama’s idea to split the Taliban and get some of those maniacal fanatics on our side for a change. It’s a magnificent idea. It’s not, mind you, a good idea. But it’s magnificent–grand, sumptuous, rich, splendid–a great, big, thought-filled ideal of an idea, the kind you’d expect from deep-thinking, idealistic Barack Obama. Boy, is this a thinking man’s administration. They are thinking so hard over at the White House, having such bright, shining, effulgent, coruscating thoughts, that if you’re a thoughtful person like me (and I’m sure you are), you can’t help being carried away with enthusiasm. The next thing you know you’re thinking yourself.  ..

WRECKING OPERATION   by Frank Gaffney, Jr.


The Obama administration is cutting the defense budget by 10%. The result will be to preclude much, if not virtually all, of the modernization that will be required to prepare the U.S. military to contend with tomorrow’s wars. Most of what the Pentagon spends goes to fixed – and growing – personnel-related costs (pay, bonuses, health care, etc.) and operations. As a result, at Obama funding levels, there will not be much available even to “reset” today’s forces by refurbishing the equipment they have been using up in present conflicts.The President is on a path to denuclearizing the United States by refusing to modernize the arsenal or even to fund fully the steps necessary to assure the viability of the weapons we have. He hopes to dress up this act of unilateral disarmament by seeking to resume arms control negotiations with Russia, as though such throw-backs to the old Cold War and its bipolar power structure apply today – let alone that there are grounds for believing the Kremlin will adhere to new treaties any better than the previous ones it systematically violated.For good measure, Mr. Obama is mounting a frontal assault on the armed forces themselves. The President plans to repeal the law prohibiting homosexuals from serving in the military. It is absolutely predictable that significant numbers of servicemen and women – including many of the most experienced commissioned and non-commissioned officers – will retire rather than serve in conditions of forced intimacy with individuals who may find them sexually attractive. The effect will be to break the all-volunteer force.

As mentioned above, Russia gets to be treated like a superpower again while it arms Iran, inserts bombers and naval units into our hemisphere, wields its energy leverage against our friends in Europe, Ukraine and Georgia and squeezes our supply lines into Afghanisan. There are no repercussions for China as it makes a mockery of the administration’s beloved Law of the Sea Treaty by threatening an unarmed U.S. naval vessel in its Exclusive Economic Zone.

Last but hardly least, a “respectful” Obama administration seems keen to embrace those in the Muslim Brotherhood and like-minded Islamist organizations who seek to impose the toxic theo-political-legal program authoritative Islam calls Shariah on distant populations – and insinuate it into our country.

Can there be any doubt what America’s adversaries make of all this? Great grief will come our way if they conclude, as Alinsky surely would, that our power is waning, and that they can exercise theirs with impunity against our interests – and those of whatever friends we have left.


OBAMA THREE-STEP  By Rich Lowry 3.13.09


Barack Obama has perfected a three-step maneuver that could never even be attempted by a politician lacking his rhetorical skill or cool cynicism.

First: Denounce your presidential predecessor for a given policy, energizing your party’s base and capitalizing on his abiding unpopularity. Second: Pretend to have reversed that policy upon taking office with a symbolic act or high-profile statement. Third: Adopt a version of that same policy, knowing that it’s the only way to govern responsibly or believing that doing otherwise is too difficult.




Yet, one senses that we are doing again exactly what we have done before in this generation. Rather than endure the pain and accept the sacrifices to cure us of our addiction, we are going back to the heroin. And this time, with Dr. Bernanke handling the needle, we may just overdose.



Do you eat, sleep or pray? If so, then the Obama Administration wants to monitor, regulate and tax you. According to federal records only published yesterday, this past Friday the Environmental Protection Agency submitted a proposed rule to the White House that finds carbon dioxide to be a danger to public health pursuant to the Clean Air Act. One might wonder how a substance so natural that it is passing through your lungs and out your nose right now could be declared a threat to “the public’s health and welfare,” but such is the logic of the modern environmental left.


THE EVIL OF ZERO by Dr. Jack Wheeler



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