Barack as Scrooge?



You can tell a lot about a man by the way he spends his money.



Last night Mr. Obama renewed his pledge to reduce the tax benefit for those who give to charity, saying if people are giving from a sense of service and altruism, it shouldn’t matter if they get a tax break for benevolence.   Of course, non-profit organizations and charities with more experience in these matters than the President oppose his position on this issue.

Roberton Williams, senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center, said it’s impossible to calculate the exact effects of all the tax changes, but said the overall result is clear – less philanthropic giving.


Interesting to learn the Obama’s could not care less about tax benefits since their charitable giving has traditionally been far below par.  However, keep in mind, you are not supposed to take this into consideration as the President and his party confiscate your property, destroy your life savings, and saddle your great granchildren with insurmountable debt to the great destruction of the entire county.


You are instead supposed to feel very, very guilty for resisting their continuous efforts to pick your pocket and destroy liberty itself.



Charitable priorities of Barack Obama


April 1, 2008

By Arthur C. Brooks




As Barack Obama found out last week, when you run for president you can’t even get away with being a lousy giver to charity. After Mr. and Mrs. Obama released their tax returns, the press quickly noticed that, between 2000 and 2004, they gave less than one percent of their income to charity, far lower than the national average. Their giving rose to a laudable five percent in 2005 and six percent in 2006, with the explosion of their annual income to near $1 million*, and the advent of Mr. Obama’s national political aspirations (representing a rare case in which political ambition apparently led to social benefit).








In this magazine, it is common to find articles about bankers who make significant contributions to local charities. Bankers, in general, seem to be community-minded and often make donations of time and treasure. So I was intrigued when Arthur Brooks, a professor at Syracuse University, came to town recently to discuss his research on charitable giving. He has written a controversial book about his findings: “Who Really Cares; America’s Charity Divide.”


He looks at who gives and aligns that data with political affiliation. His conclusion: conservatives give more money to charity than liberals. It is an interesting conclusion given the stereotype that conservatives are cold-hearted individualists while liberals are compassionate collectivists.


Does being conservative make a person more charitable? Brooks says no. He said it is really a matter of religious conviction. People who are involved in their church tend to be the most charitable, and those people are more likely to be conservative. The biggest givers, he said, typically, had the example of parents who gave regularly, attended a house of worship, and got into the habit of giving at an early age.




A Study in Charitable Giving



Barack as Scrooge?




{*You will find many churchgoers who make far less than $1M a year give 10% or more.]




Bush and Cheney Disclose Details of Their 2007 Charitable Giving

By Grant Williams


President Bush and Vice President Cheney and their wives have released information about their contributions to charities last year.

The White House said that Mr. Bush and the first lady, Laura Bush, gave $165,660 to churches and charitable organizations, a figure that represents nearly 18 percent of their total income of $936,111.

Vice President Cheney and his wife, Lynne Cheney, said they contributed $166,547 to charity in 2007, which represented 5.5 percent of their total income of $3.05-million. The Cheneys did not identify the organizations that received their gifts.

The Cheneys said that their total contributions to charitable organizations during the years Mr. Cheney has served as vice president totaled $7.96-million.


On April 14th the White House issued a press release in which it described the details of Vice President and Mrs. Cheney’s 2005 federal income tax return. The release stated the Cheneys made charitable contributions totaling $6.8 million, which represented 77% of their adjusted gross income for the year. The gifts were made by an independent gift administrator to three charities to satisfy an irrevocable gift agreement the Cheneys established in 2001.

(And yes, the Cheney’s were excoriated for being so generous.)


Al Gore?


Joe Biden?









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