Special T.E.A. message from Newt




On April 15, be part of the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party rally in your community.  On the day you pay your taxes, Wednesday, April 15, join others across the country and in your hometown who will be participating in TEA party rallies in front of their city halls.




April 15 –  11 am protestTEA Party . Newberg City Hall


On the day you pay your taxes, Wednesday, April 15, join others across the country and in your hometown who will be participating in TEA party rallies in front of their city halls.  The TEA party rally will begin at 11:00 a.m.

Are you fed up with a Congress and a president who:


·         vote for a $500 billion tax bill without even reading it? 

·         are spending trillions of borrowed dollars, leaving a debt our great-grandchildren will be paying?

·         consistently give special interest groups billions of dollars in earmarks to help get themselves re-elected?

·         want to take your wealth and redistribute it to others?

·         punish those who practice responsible financial behavior and reward those who do not?

·         admit to using the financial hurt of millions as an opportunity to push their political agenda?

·         run up trillions of dollars of debt and then sell that debt to countries such as China?

·         want government controlled health care?

·         want to take away the right to vote with a secret ballot in union elections?

·         refuse to stop the flow of millions of illegal immigrants into our country?

·         appoint a defender of child pornography to the Number 2 position in the Justice Department?

·         want to force doctors and other medical workers to perform abortions against their will?

·         want to impose a carbon tax on your electricity, gas and home heating fuels?

·         want to reduce your tax deductibility for charitable gifts?

·         take money from your family budget to pay for their federal budget?

If so, participate in the TEA party rally, the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party.







7 Responses to Special T.E.A. message from Newt

  1. richard says:

    Tea Party gear can be found at http://www.shirts4freedom.com

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    Stuff missed by Claiborne and Cesca of HuffPo: nuance lost apparently—-



    In an attempt to transfer part of the cost of colonial administration to the American colonies, the British Parliament had enacted the Stamp Act in 1765 and the Townshend Acts in 1767. Colonial political opposition and economic boycotts eventually forced repeal of these acts, but Parliament left the import duty on tea as a symbol of its authority.

    The situation remained comparatively quiet until May 1773, when the faltering East India Company persuaded Parliament that the company’s future and the empire’s prosperity depended on the disposal of its tea surplus. Because the American tea market had nearly been captured by tea smuggled from Holland, Parliament gave the company a drawback (refund) of the entire shilling-per-pound duty, enabling the company to undersell the smugglers. It was expected that the Americans, faced with a choice between the cheaper company tea and the higher-priced smuggled tea, would buy the cheaper tea, despite the tax. The company would then be saved from bankruptcy, the smugglers would be ruined, and the principle of parliamentary taxation would be upheld.

    [The King and Parliament of our day, The Chosen One and the Gang of Thieves in Congress, likewise insist on their authority to tax, spend, regulate and suppress all opposition, all on the backs of consumers and workers and average taxpayers. They claim their empire will crumble without bank bailouts and hasten to give these failed entities ‘breaks’ and incentives and financial struts, contrary to the will of the people, to the detriment of future generations. Sneer if you like but the movement is only beginnning and will swell to overwhelm the crooks in D.C. who should start looking for honest work.]

    The Boston Tea Party was the turning point in the colonists efforts to resist British domination, leading directly and quickly to revolution.

    Therein lies the point in common with today’s new patriots.

  3. Thanks for the cut and paste, good details in there.

    So what you’re is saying Cesca and I missed the nuance… that the Parliament for a period of time was allowing the company to undercut non-taxed smugglers? So?

    That in no way refutes the fact that the original tea party was in opposition to tax breaks for a multinational corporation at the expense (politically if not always financially) of the American people, while this new tea party movement is in opposition to tax breaks for the American working + middle classes at the expense of the wealthiest Americans and massive corporations.

    Your false statement about these minor changes in tax policy falling “on the backs of consumers and workers and average taxpayers” and your need to resort to hyperbolic insults regarding our elected officials betray a lack of understanding.

    The issue behind the Boston tea party was primarily “taxation without representation” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_taxation_without_representation), thankfully our wisely prescient founding fathers created a constitutionally-limited democratic republic that allows us to elect representatives with delegated authorities to execute the will of the people.

    The Senators and Representatives in Congress inherit their authority to tax, spend and regulate from the United States Constitution (http://www.usconstitution.net/const.html#A1Sec8), they do not “insist” on it. The president has no such power, but at the behest of the people as their democratically-elected representative, may use his bully pulpit to encourage Congress to exercise these authorities.

    In two consecutive elections, the tired policies of Newt Gingrich et al have lost out in the marketplace of ideas. Face it, there’s a new silent majority in this country.

    For 8 years, the conservatives were all too happy to call any kind of disagreement with the president “unpatriotic”… funny how things change. 60 days into a new administration, and suddenly dissent is patriotic again!

    You disagree with the majority, and it’s totally cool to voice dissent in this country… if you want to go to D.C., and throw a box of tea in the Potomac over a 3.6% increase in top marginal tax rate, be my guest… it should be fun to watch!

  4. Allan Erickson says:

    You choose to support the present corruption in D.C., that is your right as an American.

  5. KEN says:

    MR. Clairborne,
    I stronly suggest you go to the IRS website and do a little math on see whom is paying taxes. If you give a tax break it has to be the “rich” because they are the only ones paying taxes.

  6. […] The AFA sponsored TEA parties are in addition to hundreds of parties planned by other groups. Taxpayers are also organizing tea parties for Independence Day and various Saturdays so people with conflicting work schedules may attend. RELATED: https://allanerickson.wordpress.com/2009/03/27/special-tea-message-from-newt/ […]

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