What the Marines think

April 30, 2009

Two Presidents, Two Responses


Olbermann vs. Hannity

April 30, 2009

Keith Olbermann of MSNBC has challenged Sean Hannity to submit himself to be waterboarded. Olbermann, expressing moral outrage the CIA waterboarded three 9/11 terrorists, insists Hannity is morally depraved in his support of the CIA. Hence the waterboarding challenge, at $1,000 per second for charity from Olbermann’s pocket to Hannity’s charity of choice.

I have a better idea.

Let each man put up $100,000 and both submit to waterboarding.

The first one to break takes the other man’s $100,000 to do as he pleases.

Iraqi war deaths wildly exaggerated

April 30, 2009

Honest Numbers on Iraqi Deaths

by Michael Medved


. . . while the Associated Press deserves credit for its honest and responsible work, their account of the new totals still failed to place the figures in any meaningful perspective. For instance, the analysis failed to note that the overwhelming majority of the 110,600 (civilian) dead met their demise at the hands of terrorist violence or sectarian strife; only a tiny minority (perhaps 10% or less) of all casualties occurred at the hands of the Americans or other coalition forces.

Brownback votes for Sebelius, ‘betrays’ Christians

April 30, 2009

Jim Brown – OneNewsNow – 4/30/2009

A Kansas pastor says by endorsing Kathleen Sebelius for Health and Human Services secretary, Senator Sam Brownback “violated the scriptures and his own church’s teaching” and “betrayed” many conservative Christians who had been his largest base of support.

Coulter on ‘torture’

April 30, 2009

Brilliant and hilarious!

Muslims: we do that on first dates

Hate crimes, thought police: the assault on liberty

April 29, 2009

.Petition in opposition!

.HR 1913 legislative digest

“Federal Hate Crime legislation is a threat to my Constitutional liberty. Nations that have adopted hate crimes legislation, like Canada, have deprived their citizens of their freedom of speech and religious expression.  Hate Crimes legislation divides Americans by creating special classes of people who receive special rights.  Every American should receive equal justice under the law. Hate Crimes legislation undermines the Constitution by creating incidents of un-equal justice for the same crimes.”   [FROM THE PETITION]

Free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom of thought — ALL must bow to the dictates of political correctness in the Age of Obama, Conyers and Frank.

Get ready to have the federal government override the states, once again, in a national push to prosecute people for having an opinion. 

And you can thank Barney Frank, Steny Hoyer, John Conyers, and the rest of the Democrat Party including its leaders, Reid, Pelosi and Obama.

Once signed into law you can be prosecuted and face federal penitetiary for speaking out against gay marriage, for speaking out against radical Islam, or for whatever is deemed hate speech, in the wisdom of the federal government.  

Hurting someone’s feelings will now be a potential felony.

As one Representative pointed out, an individual can be charged with a violent crime, be acquitted of that crime, but still be prosecuted for a hate crime for what that individual said during the former incident.

And who will determine what is or is not hate speech?   The government of course.

Background, detail, history concerning hate crimes legislation

The ship of state is being blown to all points of the compass by emotionalism. 

Nothing better illustrates the low quality of debate in the legislature than that witnessed today in the House concerning proposed hate crimes legislation.

Every Representative rising to speak in support of the bill simply appealed to emotion.  Each speaker promoting hate crimes special federal legislation insisted the new statutes are critically important to protecting special classes of people if we are interested in confronting an epidemic of hate crimes across the country.  Barney Frank, as usual, was especially good at demonizing opposition, injecting insult and divisiveness, all in the name of securing the high moral ground of course. 

The very serious business of making laws to prosecute crimes and send people to jail was reduced to a political circus, the Democrats forwarding a social agenda in the name of good governance and calling anyone opposed a bigot.  Conservatives who have attempted amendments to include military personnel and seniors have been voted down by the majority party. 

One Representative cited the recent Miss California assault by a gay pagaent judge noting she is not protected from him under this legislation, but she would be prosecuted if she said anything in his direction which provoked violence.

One representative rising in opposition, avoided emotionalism, pointing out we already have laws to prosecute violent crime, regardless of motive, noting violent crimes deemed hate motivated are only a miniscule part of the picture.  He said of the 17,000 murders in 2007 across the U.S., only 9 were deemed hate-motivated.  That logical and reasonable Representative was Lamar Smith of Texas.

Lamar Smith’s presentation was to the point, comprehensive, rational and compelling.  

Here is a digest of Smith’s statement on the floor today:

“Ranking Member Lamar Smith has the following concerns with the bill (1) raises the possibility that religious leaders or members of religious groups could be prosecuted criminally based on their speech or other protected activities; (2) creates unequal treatment of victims by treating crimes against protected groups more seriously than non-protected groups; (3) encroaches on jurisdiction traditionally reserved to the States; and (4) is unconstitutional as the 14th Amendment affords equal protection to every citizen under the law.”

Smith and many others predict the Supreme Court will strike down this law if enacted because it violates the Constitution in numerous ways.


The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (H.R. 1913) has been approved April 23 by the House Judiciary Committee, 15-12.  This bill would expand federal hate crime laws to include sexual orientation and gender identity.  Please call your Congressman at 202-224-3121 and tell them you oppose H.R. 1913 and want them to vote against it.   You may be able to reach his or her office toll free at 877-857-6437 or with the regular toll number 202-224-3121.

Finally, the underlying presupposition here is errant: the federal government believes by passing criminal laws against persons who hate, they will change behaviors and drive people away from being haters. 

We would disagree, noting that no law can change the behavior of Barney Frank or Perez Hilton.

A President with Contempt in his Heart

April 29, 2009


By Allan Erickson



The President is in Missouri today–assuring people he is a fiscal conservative—holding a town hall meeting to celebrate his first 100 days in office. 


On television, the crowd behind him, all white faces.  Hum. 


We used to see a lot of black and brown faces behind the President.  Apparently it is time to employ new imagery, new symbolism, new tactics and strategies. 


Cynical?  Divisive?


Still, the big smiles.  Loads of applause. 


He proclaims he has started to ‘remake’ America.


Some would call it the dismantling of America.


We have indeed entered a different dimension, a dimension beyond time or space, beyond reason: the Twilight Zone for this republic.


How can it be people applaud this man as he continues to campaign instead of assuming the responsibility of office; while he behaves like a candidate rather than acting like a president?


How is it the polls claim a 60% approval rating for this man, and at the same time the majority of people polled seriously disagree with his policies.


This is the mother of all disconnects.


In a time of record financial chaos and government mismanagement and corruption, national debt, deficits and complete government irresponsibility, the president forces more government power and authority, increasing spending $5 Trillion, proposing tax increases amounting to $1.5 Trillion (see anything wrong with those numbers?).


He is doubling the size and power of the central government to the detriment of the states and individual liberty.  Then he tells us he would prefer a smaller, leaner central government.  He is lying to you America. 


Government is the problem, yet this President insists it is our salvation.


And people applaud.


We can detail all the missteps and errant appointments, the grand European tour replete with a 500-person entourage yielding zero for the U.S, and the Latin tour complete with cozy smiley times with murderous dictators.  We could recount the horrendous run up of debt, government spending, power grabs, expansion of the central government, tax increases, entitlement expansion, bailouts, cap and trade based on junk science, misguided stimulus packages, all aggravating recession, and so on. 


We might even talk about this president’s political blitzkrieg to jam his leftist agenda down the throats of all Americans with a daily barrage of executive orders, legislative initiatives, and rules changes.


We can talk about putting the census under control of the White House, a grievous power grab, proposals to allow the president to micromanage the internet and access your private data, the confiscation of private industries, nationalizing the banks, forcing unionization, running roughshod over the states, and a number of measures to concentrate power, which always means a reduction in personal liberty.


And all these matters would be cause enough for alarm, alarm New Yorkers felt as the White House spent $328,000 in one afternoon recently flying Air Force One low over the city for a photo op.  A photo op.   Citizens were terrorized.   The mayor was furious he was not informed beforehand.  The President apologized.  People applaud.  


Do we have out of control adolescents in the Executive?


For all the issue disputes, examination of missteps and philosophical debates we engage concerning this new Administration, the most reprehensible attitude of the new power brokers in Washington is their demonstrated contempt for The People.


The President and this Congress don’t give a damn about you: what you think or what you are experiencing.   This government is more concerned about grabbing and concentrating power, advancing a far left agenda, killing unborn children, promoting abhorrent lifestyles, accommodating illegal aliens and spying on ‘right wing’ extremists than it is in fiscal responsibility, economic freedom, The Constitution, national security and family health.


This President and this Congress show a contempt for The People.


Huge majorities have said for years we DO NOT want government funding of abortion.   One of the President’s first acts was to lift the ban on overseas government funding of abortion, and then put in his budget huge increases in funding for Planned Parenthood.  He plans to sign federal legislation to eradicate all state authority on the abortion question, another expression of disrespect for the will of The People.


He holds contempt for the majority view.


We the People have said in clear terms we abhor partial birth abortion.  Fully 88% of the people oppose stabbing full term babies in the back of the neck once they are 2/3’s delivered.  Still the President promotes the practice and appoints a Sec. of Health & Human Services who, as governor, vetoed a bill in Kansas that would have forced doctors to justify mostly-born abortion: murder in the eyes of many in the pro-abortion camp. 


This President could care less what the people think, feel, believe or prefer. Apparently he views his election as a mandate to assume the throne.


Vast majorities believe we should have a strong defense, that Gitmo should remain operational, and terrorists should be detained.


In only 100 days this government has cut development of new weapons systems, isolated our troops in Afghanistan, moved to close Gitmo, and released terrorists, people who will kill Americans, once again.


Solid majorities disagree with the decision to release interrogation memos.   The memos are released anyway, without a full explanation of what went on before, why the Bush administration did as it did, and what actual results were derived.  Only that portion of the story which skewered Bush and elevated Obama was communicated, a move designed to pander politically, not a presidential decision on behalf of securing the homeland.


We already knew the three terrorists largely responsible for 9/11 had been waterboarded.  Releasing these memos somehow forwards whose cause?  Intelligence experts say we did not torture but aggressive interrogation saved thousands of American lives, but this President wants to shame America and appease our enemies, even going so far as to give them advantages on the battlefield, placing our troops in greater danger.


And he has the gall to claim he is advancing our security and respects the military?  BS.


Majorities of Americans respect the 2nd Amendment and do not want gun control.


This government is promoting gun control.


Majorities of Americans do not want amnesty for illegal aliens.


This government is promoting amnesty.


Most people do not want same sex marriage.  This government is promoting it.


Most people do not want hate crimes legislation passed and signed into law.  Watch Barney Frank and President Obama ram it through.


Most people understand adult stem cells are yielding results, but using embryonic stem cells is neither scientifically warranted nor morally justified.


Well, The People are once again held in contempt. 


The People oppose bailouts, massive stimulus, the run up of insurmountable debt and high taxes.


The Administration’s response(?): stick it in your ear. 


Most Americans do not believe the federal government should dominate all walks of life.


This government has seized so much power that it now regulates most aspects of life, and once they have control of healthcare, citizens will be cradle to grave wards of the state.


This President and this Congress rules a people it despises, and some people applaud.


Upwards of one million citizens hit the streets April 15 to protest, and the President’s press secretary said he was unaware of the protests.  (“Let them eat cake?”)


It is clear this President holds contempt for traditional Americanism and is working feverishly to ‘remake’ this country into something altogether different, altogether government-dominated, altogether reactionary in a very real sense, a combination of feudalism and Marxist-Leninism, a democracy in name only with no real leadership role in world affairs, a UN lapdog driven by the collectivist impulse.


There is an old adage that runs:  you don’t give the car keys to a drunken teenager.


But that’s what we did Nov. 4th.


When the car gets totaled, and there are bodies all over the highway, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.







On his 100th day in office, Obama said he would like to have a “serious” discussion” about how the federal government can rein in spending and meet its long term obligations.

“So, you know, when you see — those of you who are watching certain news channels on which I’m not very popular and you see folks waving tea bags around, let me just remind them that I am happy to have a serious conversation about how we are going to cut our health care costs down over the long term, how we’re going to stabilize Social Security.”

“But let’s not play games and pretend that the reason is because of the [$787 billion stimulus bill], because that’s just a fraction of the overall problem that we’ve got.”

(Yes, sir, of course you are right.  We are only playing games to protest your policies.  We should simply trust you when you say you are all for fiscal responsibility after massive spending increases, massive debt incurred on the backs of our grandchildren, and massive tax increases in every underhanded fashion imaginable.)










(That’s why he bowed to Abdullah?)




(Mom did say you’d be known by the company you keep . . . )