Obama breaks campaign promises over and over





A BUDGET WE CAN BELIEVE IN: Heritage Foundation





“There are now two ten-year budget plans being offered in Washington.


One budget dumps a staggering $9.6 trillion in new debt onto the American people; the other borrows $3.6 trillion less.


One budget creates $63,000 in debt per household; the other creates $23,000 less.


One budget raises taxes by $1.4 trillion; the other avoids all tax increases and even simplifies the tax code.


One budget does nothing to address the unsustainable costs of Social Security and Medicaid; the other begins to reform these programs.


One budget permanently raises federal spending to over 22% of GDP; the other lowers it to pre-recession levels.”


REPUBLICAN ALTERNATIVE BUDGET: control spending, no tax increases, develop domestic energy



Obama budget opposed both sides of the aisle





Opinion Articles by Harris R. Sherline


“Words, Just Words”


Still in the so-called “honeymoon” phase of his presidency, Barack Obama’s actions are already echoing his campaign rhetoric, “Words, Just Words,” demonstrating that his own promises are also “just words.”


A long standing maxim in business and politics is: Pay attention what people do, not what they say.  Read the following and judge the honesty and integrity of our president for yourself:


Obama: “If a federal agency proposes a project that will waste that money, I will not hesitate to call them out on it and put a stop to it. What I will need from all of you is unprecedented responsibility and accountability.”


Question: Where’s the Obama administration’s transparency in accounting for the trillions of dollars it has been spending?


Obama: “The American people are watching. They need this plan to work. They expect to see the money that they’ve earned, that they’ve worked so hard to earn, spent in its intended purposes without waste, without inefficiency, without fraud.”


Comment: To date, there has been no accountability, zero, none, nada, for the hundreds of billions of dollars that have been given to the financial industry.


Obama: “We cannot and will not sustain deficits like these without end. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom in Washington these past few years, we cannot simply spend as we please and defer the consequences to the next budget, the next administration or the next generation.”


Comment: Since taking office, Obama has done exactly what he said could not and would not be done.


Obama: “…when I’m president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.”


Reality: The $410 billion omnibus spending budget bill that the president signed contained over 8,500 “earmarks.”


Obama: “…this piece of legislation ($410 billion omnibus spending bill) must mark an end to the old way of doing business and the beginning of a new era of responsibility and accountability that the American people have every right to expect and demand.”


Really!  When can we expect to see the accountability that Obama has promised?


Obama: “I will immediately sign a law that begins to phase out all incandescent light bulbs. It’s a pretty simple task to implement, given it could save all of us Americans $6 billion a year.”


Note: Politifact.com comments, “…after 50 days with no action, we count that as a promise broken.”


Obama: “When I’m president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.”


Politifact.com notes, “…with about 9,000 earmarks in the omnibus spending bill, our stance is promise broken because when you say no earmarks, that means absolutely no earmarks.”


Another issue President Obama felt strongly about on the campaign trail, a pay as you go budget, meaning big spending commitments must be paid for by cuts elsewhere or by other new revenue has proven to be “just words,” as he plunged the United States into trillions of dollars of debt to finance the unbridled expenditures of his administration.


Obama: “I said that I would remove our combat troops from Iraq in 16 months, with the understanding that it might be necessary — likely to be necessary — to maintain a residual force to provide potential training, logistical support, to protect our civilians in Iraq…”  


Note: Army planners have privately acknowledged that the number of Americans remaining in Iraq could range between 30,000 and 50,000, even as high as 70,000 troops for a considerable length of time beyond 2011.


The Wall Street Journal observed: “Anyone who thought the recession and financial market turmoil would moderate President Obama’s policy ambitions discovered the opposite last night. Far from suggesting limits on Congress or federal spending, the new President made clear in his first State of the Union address that he believes in government power as the answer to our current difficulties, and he intends to use it…Mr. Obama said at one point that he didn’t believe in government for its own sake, but his policy emphasis showed otherwise. … Mr. Obama clearly believes the recession has created a political moment when Americans are frightened enough to be open to a new era of expanded government.”


In his article, “Obamanomics: Keeping The Wrong Promises,” Austin Hill noted: “The President’s inconsistencies have become so egregious that Peter Whener of Washington, DC’s Ethics And Public Policy Center was compelled last week to describe Obama as an ‘agent of cynicism.’ Writing in Commentary magazine, Wehner stated that Obama is pretending that ‘the politics of cynicism’ is the ‘politics of hope,’ and is displaying a willingness to ‘vulgarize and invert the meaning of words’ so as to advance his own ‘narrow aims.’”


© 2009 Harris R. Sherline, All Rights Reserved


PROMISES, PROMISES: Obama tax pledge up in smoke


Master manipulator


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