2,000 cities plan Tax Day protest April 15

City Hall protests focus on government spending, debt, taxation


Mainstream media may run, but they can’t hide from protest tidal wave

April 04, 2009

By Chelsea Schilling
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

While WND has been tracking 400 individual tea parties across the nation, the American Family Association has announced its count is nearing 1,600 – for Tax Day alone.

The AFA, planned to coordinate 1,000 Taxed Enough Already, or TEA, parties to be held at 12 p.m. on April 15 in front of city halls across the nation.

But the group is pleasantly surprised as is stands to double that goal before Tax Day is here.

“Our goal was to have a TEA party in 1,500 cities. We are nearly 100 cities above our goal and still growing,” said Donald E. Wildmon, AFA chairman.

The AFA sponsored TEA parties are in addition to hundreds of parties planned by other groups. Taxpayers are also organizing tea parties for Independence Day and various Saturdays so people with conflicting work schedules may attend.


One Response to 2,000 cities plan Tax Day protest April 15

  1. muttslikeme says:

    Go tea parties! I’m a tea-drinker and always like when there’s news about tea. But now I’ve heard about a coffee-flavored tea http://tinyurl.com/coffeeT and wonder, are there double benefits there? I know I won’t be trying it, though.

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