Get prosecuted for exercising free speech?


Once again  ‘hate crimes’ legislation  has been introduced in Congress and the President has said he will sign it.  It is called by some a tool for social engineering, an anti-Christian law violating the Constitution.  Pastors and others who call homosexuality a sin, or criticize Islam, face prosecution, fines, incarceration.


“While this new bill has not yet been given a new name or bill number, it is more dangerous to our constitutional rights than the other hate crimes bills that are also still pending. All hate crimes legislation is a direct threat to our religious liberties. We must let Congress know we are watching!” said a statement  from Gary Cass at the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission.   “This new hate crime bill is making its way to the Judiciary committee as soon as this Friday!”   Now we are on the verge of passing federal hate crime laws that will be used to silence believers like in Canada, Europe and Australia. No more will your pastor be able to declare the truth about Islam or homosexuality because it will be considered a hate crime.”

Matt Barber, chief of cultural affairs at Liberty Counsel, has spoken out repeatedly in opposition to the idea.

“The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law,” he said. “Hate crimes legislation is … [a] violation of the Fourteenth Amendment in that it elevates one class of citizen based upon their chosen sexual behaviors above other people.”

Tony Perkins of FRC Action:

“A federal ‘hate crimes’ law prohibiting ‘bodily injury’ could be construed by many law enforcement officials and judges to include words that inflict emotional or psychological distress. That means an ‘offended’ homosexual could accuse a religious broadcaster … a pastor … Sunday School teacher … or other individual of causing emotional injury simply by expressing the biblical view that homosexual behavior is morally wrong and unhealthy.  That’s all it could take to trigger a wave of federal prosecutions and begin an era of censorship like America has never seen!”

Chuck Colson has called such proposals “Thought Crimes” plans, ala Big Brother and 1984.


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