T.E.A. Party in Oregon



In our little town of Newberg, population 20,000 we had about 100 people turn out to listen to a couple of speeches and wave flags and banners while motorists blared their horns in support.

Our message was simple and straightforward, a message everyone seemed to support:  This is not a Democrat or Republican deal, this is citizen activism expressing anger at the federal government especially for their efforts to take all power and concentrate it in Washington.  We agreed high tax rates transfer power to the federal government.  We agreed bailouts and stimulus plans give the government more power.  We agreed the more power the government grabs, the less liberty the people enjoy.  We agreed the federal government has too much power, power it wields irresponsibly, bankrupting our country, creating insurmountable debt, passing that debt to our grand kids, a shameful situation.

We agreed the love of liberty is what binds us together. 

We agreed the federal government is far to large, too powerful, and therefore, according to the Constitution, it must be reined in by any means, that those powers enumerated in the Constitution defining the role of the federal government should be respected once again, and all other powers should revert to The People and the several states.

Our event was organized by local people with local resources.  We didn’t take a dime from the GOP or the government or any particular group.    I’m sure this is true for all the events across the country even though in the bigger cities various groups (not the GOP) banded together to finance basic expenses.   In our town, those in attendance, from kids to grandmothers, came from various walks of life and various partisan orientations.

Of course MSNBC and CNN and others are denigrating this obvious grassroots movement.  


Various partisan commentators claim these events are somehow funded by the GOP or other conservative groups.   The reality is these are spontaneous expressions of outrage by Americans from all political orientations, Americans who are totally fed up with wasteful government spending, corruption in Washington, and excessive taxation.

For the true history of the contemporary TEA Party movement, read here by Michelle Malkin.

One of the main goals of these events is to get to know like-minded people and start a process of government reform.   It is traditional Americanism to be suspicious of power, and very suspicious of excessive power, and express a revolutionary reaction to tyrannical power. 

This government has become tyrannical. 

When they waste our resources to the point of bankruptcy, they are tyrants. 

When they dive us into insurmountable debt, they are tyrants. 

When they sell our future to foreign goverments, they are tyrants. 

When they force their amoral and immoral social agenda on the majority, they are tyrants. 

When they refuse to listen to the will of the people when it somes to abortion funding, gun control, secure borders, immigration enforcement, national security and government spending, they are tyrants.

Just as we threw off the tyrant 233  years ago, we start the process of doing so once again.

GREEN BERET MOTTO:  “De Oppresso Liber”  –  (To Liberate the Oppressed)  We will work to liberate the oppressed, and We the People will take back our government.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”


9 Responses to T.E.A. Party in Oregon

  1. Bettyann Henderson says:

    Thanks, Allen – this was a very encouraging and fun event. There were quite a few first generation immigrants. For myself, and lots of others in our crowd, it was our first sign-holding demonstration.

    I posted with PJTV as a “Citizen Journalist”. http://www.pjtv.com/?cmd=view-events&type=1&sort=name&reverse=false&category=2&state=OR

    • Allan Erickson says:

      Bless You! Loved your sign!! Your presence, as always, a great encouragement! We must all continue to encourage one another and hold these people accountable, and if they don’t respond to The People, then they MUST be voted out. We have 18 months to prepare for Nov. 2010 and run good candidates, and then start right away to replace this President. Onward!

  2. […] writes the GOODNESS WORLD LIFE BLOG. Read more of Allan’s post about this rally here. You can read the full text of Allan’s speech […]

  3. Allan Erickson says:


    The addiction model applies—the politicians are addicted to power and money.

    The People are conducting an intervention.

  4. Bill Hemingway says:

    Allan, we had a pretty effective party here in Bend. Not sure what the press said, but we had well over 1,000 folks attend in freezing cold weather and most hung around for the entire 3+ hours. We marched through the downtown area with lots of horns blaring support. The messages were similar to what you heard — government is to big, too self-serving, too arrogant. Strong was the feeling that Congress no longer serves the people — turn them out; term limits; dem or rep if they don’t act responsibly. — Bill

  5. Aaron Melear says:

    We are with you in spirit down here in Eugene/Springfield. Keep fighting the good fight!

  6. Allan Erickson says:

    Dear Bill, Aaron and Bettyann:

    Are we getting organized for another event July 4th?!

  7. […] Newberg, Oregon: “In our little town of Newberg, population 20,000 we had about 100 people turn out to listen to a couple of speeches and wave flags and banners while motorists blared their horns in support.” More here. […]

  8. Allan Erickson says:

    Tea Party here July 4 saw 60 protestors come out. Motorists were enthusiastically supportive.

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