The Blessings of Liberty, or the Curse of the Collective?



By Allan Erickson




Growing numbers of Americans appear to believe the federal government is out of control, and has been for years.   Facing $60 Trillion * in long term debt, this government now suggests $5 Trillion in new spending.   That is more than out of control.  That is insane.  


More and more people are increasingly vocal about government abuse of power and wasteful spending.  Many believe most politicians are drunk with power and addicted to spending our money. 


Therefore, there is a need for an Intervention.


Government spending and tax increases to solve the problem of recession have never worked.  Yet, this is precisely what we are told to embrace.  Common sense tells us the fix is in.  We have no say in the matter.  Is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve elected?  Does he represent the people?  Is the Treasury Secretary elected?  Does he represent the people or is he more concerned about the bankers? 


When the President calls it a tax cut to issue payments to people who don’t pay taxes, it is beyond irrational.


When Congress claims to embrace fiscal responsibility and economic freedom, and then they double our indebtedness and the size of government while destroying economic freedom, they have ushered a spin zone bearing no resemblance to reality.  Congress appears so addicted to stealing and lying, they aren’t even trying to cover their tracks anymore. 


We know the major fault for the economic crisis lies with government.   Government spends too much money.  Government fails to regulate properly.  Government intervened in the mortgage business, creating these toxic ‘assets’, the credit crunch, and the overall downward spiral. And now we think Government spending, regulation, intervention and confiscation are solutions?


We are called upon to believe that being in debt to China is not a threat.  We are told not to worry about hyperinflation or devaluation of the currency while the government prints money like toilet paper, which is what it will be worth shortly.  We are told to sleep peacefully, Uncle Sam will solve the debt problem.  It may take generations, but rest easy.


It is all truly insane. Government officials insist we believe lies.


The few in power in Washington have decided to dictate to the people.  This is the exact opposite of what the Constitution calls for: government of The People.  In America today, 536 people in DC dictate to the 304,000,000 citizens across the land.   Those 536 should be taking orders from us, yet they ignore us, take our money and our freedom, and insist we be content with that, and if we object, DHS calls us threats, radicals, terrorists.


It is much easier to justify a dictatorship when you 1) create or promote various crises, and 2) suggest only government can address serial crises.  Those in power have no confidence in the people, you know, the ones who actually create prosperity and fight the nation’s battles.  No.  Only government can solve problems.


Although government has been out of control for years, notice in the short term the serial crises we’ve been warned about daily: economic recession/depression, global warming, Mexican drug wars, enemies within, Somali pirates without, North Korean missiles, Iran nukes, crumbling infrastructure, energy crisis, healthcare crisis, crises in education, racial tensions, and on, and on. 


The only solution?  Bigger government taking a bigger share of your resources to do what exactly?  They don’t know where hundreds of billions of TARP dollars have gone.  As the ‘stimulus’ dollars flow, is anyone confident your federal government will spend wisely, or if they do, that the spending will actually create jobs or provide economic development?


Bare-boned truths: government does not create prosperity; government hinders prosperity—government does not create jobs, government creates dependency; government does not expand freedom and opportunity, it crushes them.  


Notice the political blitzkrieg: massive information overload, legislative initiatives, executive orders, scare tactics, emergency measures.  This government is trying to accomplish everything at once.   There is no planning, no procedure, no systematic approach to problem identification/solution.   Only a wild spending spree and the accompanying concentration of power in Washington.


It is the essence of Americanism to be suspicious of power, especially centralized power.  Our reaction has always been to confront such power and get it under control.  


Hence, we saw last week about 500,000 people nationally attending protest rallies called TEA Parties.  These TEA Parties reference the Boston Tea Party in 1773, an event credited with sparking the American Revolution.   One central theme of the present-day movement is protesting high taxes.  However, there is much more going in the hearts and minds of your fellow citizens.


Our local demonstrators talked about insurmountable debt run up by the feds, and how unfair that is to future generations.   Indeed, it is immoral for our elected representatives to ignore us and run up this kind of debt.


Other people talked about the power of the central government, power so great, officials have the audacity to suggest such things as gun control, infringements on freedom of religion, freedom of speech and economic freedom, the audacity to recommend we let the Europeans regulate private American businesses, the audacity to suggest the President manage the internet and access private data ‘in an emergency,’ the audacity to suggest DHS spy on citizens and veterans based only on their political beliefs, the audacity to force doctors to perform abortions against their will, the audacity to use your tax dollars to pay for abortions overseas, the audacity to take over private business and dictate who gets hired, who gets fired, and what people can and cannot earn.  And the audacity to tax you to send more to the United Nations, a thoroughly anti-American organization.


The issue is much larger than taxes.  It is much more than the national debt, deficits and wasteful spending.  It goes far beyond partisan politics.


The issue is liberty.


Be forewarned: your individual freedom is at risk.  A government arrogant enough to believe it can get away with commandeering private enterprise and rapidly turn the corner from economic freedom to centralized control, is arrogant enough to tell you where you can live, where you can work, what you can earn, and place limits on what you can say and think.  It is a government arrogant enough to make public service mandatory, arrogant enough to take your children and force them into labor camps.




Consider only one aspect of the present agenda.  Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is fast-tracking hate crimes legislation.   The President says he will sign it into law.  Congress passed it before. Congress will surely pass it now.  Bush vetoed it.  When it becomes law, if you speak your mind in opposition to gay marriage, you will be prosecuted.   If you speak your concerns about threats posed by radical Islam, you could be prosecuted.  As a pastor, if you preach about the immorality of homosexuality, you will be prosecuted. Abortion protestors will be prosecuted. 


The Dept. of Homeland Security, an arm of the Executive, already thinks you are a security risk if you oppose abortion, gun control and illegal immigration.  Read the news. 


The issue is liberty.


The Founders knew small government was the only way for freedom to ring, and that conversely, large government insures the death of freedom.  We must choose.  Are you willing to sell your freedom, and thereby denigrate our Constitution, and renounce the sacrificial blood of patriots spilled for 233 years?


If you love freedom, join us in this national intervention, to secure the blessings of liberty, and to make this once again a land governed by The People.


Otherwise, get comfortable with the collective, and embrace your worker bee status.  Just don’t complain about the loss of liberty you refused to protect.


$60T debt.Government Irresponsibility


Ignorant about our origins: we don’t know where we are going


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