Obama, serial failure, Tea Parties and the ruling class genius elite


BHO following in the Grand Tradition of LBJ and Jimmy Carter


FBI directed to spy on Tea Party organizers


Mother Jones reveals Obama moves to control internet


Buchanan slams Obama as a weak-kneed apologist


How dare this president apologize for my country’s arrogance


By Allan Erickson




It is instructive reading about Tea Party events held nationally April 15.   You get a firm sense of what government officials and members of the ruling class really think about average Americans.


According to estimates people in 1,200 to 2,000 towns and cities participated, numbering anywhere from 400,000 to 800,000.   Judging from appearances those in attendance tended to be working and middle class, families, youth, middle aged and seniors, traditionalists and conservative, but including anyone fearful about massive federal spending and debt and taxation and threats to liberty.


Several seniors at our event said this was the first time they’d participated in a demonstration.


Noting developments in the last six months alone, people have cause for grave concern.


By any sober assessment, the Tea Parties represent a genuine grassroots movement of average people protesting the tax and spend habits of a too-powerful central government threatening liberty itself.


However, according to the assorted genius-elites on the Left and in the MSM, those of us participating in these Tea Parties are either dupes of wealthy Republicans, blue collar morons, right-wing nut jobs, white separatists,  gun freaks, religious trolls, myopic anti-abortionists, or hate-filled bigoted homophobes and racists.  (You folks just keep talkin’.  That’s what yer good at.)


Translation: according to the elite in the ruling class, it is a sin to even question the Supreme Leader, and, we commit the unforgiveable sin actively opposing him.   Don’t we know he WON!  (Yes, by hook and crook.)  Who besides Soros drew down massive amounts of cash in September 2008?  Who participated in election fraud during the primaries? 


Besides Soros, one of the President’s all-time favorites is Janet Napolitano.


Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security ‘intelligence’ assessors noted potential security threats coming from conservatives and “single-issue activists.”  Her recent report was pure speculation but it’s being read as gospel nonetheless.   Her staff also lumped in returning American war vets as possible threats to this administration, leftist regimes in various layers of government, and the very security of the nation they fought to defend.  Napolitano has rapidly become the Director of Homeland Disunity.


Do you believe it was a coincidence her report was leaked just before the Tea Parties?


David Axlegrease, correction, Axelrod—the President’s senior advisor and continuous campaign director, says Tea Parties are “unhealthy.”  Axelrod said  Sunday he is bewildered we don’t appreciate the President has cut taxes for 95% of working families.  Don’t we know the President is on our side?


Mr. Axelrod, we are not bewildered.  We realize you think we are so stupid we’ll buy this bilge your President is cutting taxes.  We know most people he is talking about don’t pay taxes.  We know that what he is doing is cutting checks to pay non-taxpayers for votes, thus increasing entitlements, spending and debt, on our backs, asking us to thank him for it.  These so-called tax cuts are actually funds stolen from working Americans to fund Obama’s re-election campaign.  


Mr. Axelrod, that is what we call truly “unhealthy.”  We know it’s all political Mr. Axelrod: it’s all about power and agendas.  You are a political animal Mr. Axelrod. We see your stripes.


The truth is the Supreme Leader has proposed $5 Trillion in new spending during a deep recession when we face $60 Trillion in long-term debt. He is proposing $1.5 Trillion in new taxes. 


We can do the math Mr. Axelrod.  This is a prescription for bankruptcy no matter who the President and Congress target for  ‘aggressive revenue enhancement techniques.’  There are those who hear HRC and Rahm sing the praises of leveraged crises and conclude this administration is glad to encourage economic crises, providing itself opportunity to centralize power and control.  Why else would Obama make it virtually impossible for banks to repay TARP money?


Let’s not forget it was the economic downturn that gave Obama the needed shot in the arm to overcome both HRC and McCain. 


Obama’s approval ratings have fallen steadily since the inauguration, while distrust, division and opposition have steadily increased.


Even so, James Carville, democrat strategist/elitist operative, calls the Tea Parties, “harmless.”  (Arrogance James.  Remember the proverb: pride cometh before the fall!)  The bald eagle of the ruling class actually thinks Tea Parties hurt Republicans.  You wish James.


Speaking of arrogance, our President doesn’t seem to care a whole lot about what average Americans think. 


His first two executive orders flew straight in the face of majority sentiment: renewing taxpayer funding of abortion abroad, and closing Gitmo.   He soon followed up by releasing terrorists who will kill again, and, by releasing memos detailing our secret interrogation and intelligence gathering techniques, thus aiding the enemy, and giving weapons to those who seek to shame America with more slander and propaganda, worldwide. 


So, people, this President doesn’t give a hoot what you think.  He is content to lick the boots of those who hate us.


Notice, however, we do have the President’s attention. 


The day before the Tea Parties, he made a point of calling a press conference to assure us he is a fiscal conservative, only interested in a balanced federal budget, low taxes, cutting wasteful spending and deficits, and returning the nation to solvency.  “Cutting wasteful spending” is the latest cluck du jour. 


People gagged, perceiving the bold-faced lie, knowing he has doubled the debt and the size of the central government in only three months, biting huge chunks out of the private sector, concentrating even more power in DC.


The day of the Tea Parties the President again held a press conference, trotting out supposed average Americans supportive of his ‘tax cuts.’   People gagged again, prepared placards, and hit the streets.


In the days following, we saw the President leave the country, repeating his Euro performance, telling the world from Mexico that once again, America is the problem: Americans are at fault for drug wars and border violence because we use drugs and sell guns.  Did you perceive the undertone as well: we are racist for opposing amnesty?  Recall he told the Europeans we are to blame for the global recession, asking them to join him in massive government spending, and they, ‘respectfully’ declined, denying also his request for more troops in Afghanistan.  And so, the President’s European tour was a substantive failure but a symbolic triumph.   Returning from Europe with nothing, the President rapidly went to work assuring Americans we are turning the corner on the recession, when only days before, he sounded the alarm saying we were headed for long dark days of deprivation.   Oh, and by the way, according to the President, Americans are to blame for all  ills throughout Latin America.  How else can we interpret his silence in the face of serial assaults and slander spewed by various dictators at the Trinidad Summit?


Obama returns again in failure and shame, shrouded by symbolic triumph fewer acknowledge.


Gingrich raps Obama on Chavez



People are gagging and preparing for the next Tea Party.


Just for your information Mr. President, we do not supply 90% of confiscated guns from drug cartels: proven fact you conveniently ignore as you slander your own people.  We realize gun control here in America is the real agenda, Mr. President, and you are willing to lie to forward that agenda.


Furthermore Mr. President, you’ll find very few drug users among the 49% who voted for McCain or among the people in the streets on April 15.  


Most of the drug users voted for you, if they could drag themselves to the polls, or get a lift from ACORN bus drivers.


Lately Mr. President we’ve seen you smiling at and shaking hands with the likes of Chavez and Ortega.  Mr. President, for being one of the smartest guys on the planet, you don’t seem to understand that average Americans take a dim view of you having parties with murderous dictators and taking notes as they drool anti-American vitriol, especially in the wake of your performance bowing and scraping in the presence of King Abdullah.


You may think Axelrod calling us “unhealthy” provides cover but we are not “harmless,” and we are not stupid Mr. President.


Even so, we urge you and your friends in Congress to keep on keeping on sir.  The more you express your disdain for us, and the more you forward your agenda and embarrass and slander us overseas, the more our ranks swell, promising good things come November 2010, looking forward to 2012.


We pray you follow in the grand traditions of LBJ and Jimmy Carter: out-of-touch failures limited to one-term disasters.


See you at the next Tea Party, average American!


PS:  JFK was a true fiscal conservative, and he is rolling over in his grave, Teddy.







Former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela Otto Reich tells Newsmax that Hugo Chavez is calling President Barack Obama’s “hobnobbing” with the Venezuelan leader the “greatest triumph in Venezuelan diplomacy ever.”

Reich, who also served as a special envoy and diplomat under President Reagan and both Presidents Bush, said it was an embarrassing mistake for Obama to be photographed accepting an America-bashing book from the Venezuelan strongman.  

“I think it’s very unfortunate. I don’t think President Obama really understands, perhaps out of lack of experience in international affairs, the importance of symbolism,” said Reich, who was policy adviser on Latin America for John McCain’s presidential campaign.

“You don’t go around slapping the back of a foreign dictator, a would-be dictator in the case of Chavez, who has done everything in his power to undermine U.S. interests in the region and who calls himself an enemy of the United States.”

Reich says the pictures certainly are being misinterpreted in Venezuela “despite what President Obama wishes. I think he probably realizes now that he made a mistake.

“But in Venezuela Hugo Chavez said last night this is the greatest triumph in Venezuelan diplomacy ever. Because what he is trying to do is to portray this as an endorsement of his policies, which is calls 21st century socialism but which is really just retread 20th-century fascism.”

Chavez is seeking to “portray this warm handshake, and a slap on the back which came later, as an endorsement of Chavez, which I’m sure President Obama did not intend,” Reich said.

“That is the way it is being portrayed not only in Venezuela but in the rest of the continent, all of Latin America.”

NewsMax referred to photos of Chavez giving Obama an anti-American book entitled “Open Veins of Latin America,” which Obama accepted and posed with for the cameras, and asked whether that was a mistake on Obama’s part.

“Absolutely it was a mistake,” Reich declared.

“It was also frankly a mistake by the staff. They should have prevented that.

“I worked for three presidents. I don’t think that would have happened with President Reagan or either one of the President Bushes. They should not have put President Obama in that embarrassing situation because this is very much an anti-U.S. book. Anti-Europe as well.

“It’s a book that’s about 30 years old, written by a far-left Latin American, a very unknown author. And now Chavez has put this book on top of, I’m told, the Amazon sales list.”

Reich, who was born in Cuba, was asked to comment on assertions from opponents of the trade embargo with Cuba that hurting the Cuban people is counter-productive.

“Hurting the Cuban people is counterproductive, and that’s why we should do everything we can to see a regime change in Cuba,” Reich said.

“The Cuban people have been hurt by 50 years of Marxist-Leninist dictatorship. It’s not the U.S. embargo that has hurt the Cuban people. Castro can trade with 175 countries in the world. It’s only the United States that doesn’t trade with him directly.

“In fact we are the single largest provider of food to Cuba. We provided $700 million in food to Cuba last year, more than anybody else — in fact more than the next several countries combined.

“So the United States is not hurting Cuba. What’s hurting Cuba is the Castro dictatorship — the last military dictatorship in this hemisphere.”


2 Responses to Obama, serial failure, Tea Parties and the ruling class genius elite

  1. DemAll The Way says:

    Just wandered in to see what you guys are up to. Same old “O” bashing with nothing constructive to say I see. Oh well I hope you guys don’t change, we need to control Congress and the White House a lot longer to shovel out all the crap you guys left for us. Man O Man what a smell O rama. Btw I under stand that Dick Cheney has jist hired a lawyer to get ready for the trials. Can’t wait for them. I already bought the popcorn and coca cola. Listen I want to say congratulations on the Pee Parties. I guess that when your friends on Wall St created this problem, you never expected to have so much time on your unemployed hands. Truly, God, Guns and gays are the way to go, it’s done much for you all out in Kansas. Have fun at the parties cause us adults have more important things to dom like fix the country after you children ruined the place.

    Dem All The Way

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    You are cannon fodder and you don’t even know it. This is your day of discovery!


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