Torture Investigation: Cull all Culprits


Starting in 2002, key Congressional leaders, including Democrats, were fully briefed by the CIA about its activities, amounting to some 30 sessions before “torture” became a public issue. None of them saw fit to object. In fact, Congress has always defined torture so vaguely as to ban only the most extreme acts and preserve legal loopholes. At least twice it has had opportunity to specifically ban waterboarding and be accountable after some future attack. Members declined.


                                                WSJ 12.19.08  *

Listening to the debate about waterboarding, the released secret memos, and the hysteria surrounding new ‘revelations,’ it is amazing to discover the armies of intelligence experts who have no training or experience, including many of the jabbering class in the Capitol Building.

This torture debate is old.

The current version is obviously politically motivated.

It is likely this Administration sees an investigation as useful, both to deflect criticism and change the subject away from reckless government tax/spend policies.

Crucifying the opposition also has its purposes.

The trouble is disinformation campaigns demoralize people. One can understand our enemies being interested in demoralizing us. Why our own President allows it raises serious, and deeply troubling questions.

Two other points: many prominent senators and representatives were fully briefed about all the interrogation techniques employed, and apparently, they signed off.  *   Therefore, if there is another investigation, citizens should demand we cull ALL the culprits.
Finally, are you folks aware this thing has already been investigated numerous times?

If you were President, given this scenario, would you authorize waterboarding?

Memos prove we dont’ torture.


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