Speaking of Torture: Buckley skinned alive

” . . .  Mugniyah was indeed one of terrorism’s modern-day pioneers. U.S. intelligence and counterterrorism officials contacted by NEWSWEEK generally declined even to speculate about who might be responsible for his killing; to do so would almost certainly invite reprisals from Hizbullah. Yet they seemed almost giddy as they discussed the militant’s death. Mugniyah, after all, is suspected of helping to orchestrate some of the deadliest attacks on Americans on record, including the 1983 bombing of a U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, which killed 241 servicemen, and the 1984 kidnapping of the   CIA’s   Beirut   station   chief,   William  Buckley.”

Newsweek Feb. 2008


William Francis Buckley

Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

Assassinated CIA Station Chief, Beirut

William Buckley, Korean War veteran, was literally skinned alive.

Awards:  Silver Star, Soldier’s Medal, Bronze Star Medal, two Purple Hears, Meritorious Service Medal, Combat Infantry Badge,  Parachutist Badge, Vietnam Gallantry Cross, Intelligence Star, Exceptional Service Award, Distinguished Intelligence Cross.

Has anyone at MSNBC bothered to investigate instances of real torture of Americans at the hands of radicals and others like Mugniyah?

Didn’t think so.


2 Responses to Speaking of Torture: Buckley skinned alive

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