Do you think Obama is making the U.S. less safe?


WND Survey  (2,023 votes)

Yes, Obama wants to redistribute wealth, classify Americans as “extremists” and take away our gun rights. We’re in danger of our own government 48% (964)
Yes, Obama is a dream come true for terrorists and enemies looking to harm America 39% (788)
Ignore the border, coddle our enemies, neglect gathering information from captured combatants. Yup, we’re less safe 11% (227)
Yes, Obama is soft on terror, which can only make us less safe in the long run 1% (13)
No, Obama has made us safer by stopping torture and other practices that gave the world reason to hate America under Bush 0% (8)
No, how do stopping torture and closing Gitmo make us any less safe? 0% (8)
Obama’s change of direction from the last 8 years may not make us safer, but neither did Bush’s policies 0% (6)
Other 0% (5)
No, under Obama we can expect a more open foreign policy, which will diffuse the danger of anti-U.S. sentiment 0% (2)
Obama hasn’t done anything significant enough yet to affect national security 0% (2)
I don’t agree with all of his stances on security, but it might be stretch to say we’re less “safe” 0% (0)




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