Conservatism vs. Liberalism

My quick look at what differentiates conservatism from liberalism:

Conservatism requires courage and a vision beyond self-interest. Conservatism calls on people to take personal responsibility, rejecting government assistance. It is a political and social philosophy that asks people to sacrifice, to look beyond selfish impulse in order to preserve the republic, the greater good. It is a philosophy that calls on people to work hard, go the extra mile, give to charity and make personal sacrifices in the name of preserving liberty.

Conservatism is the harder, tougher path only the strong, courageous and inspired can walk.

Liberalism has become a very selfish political and social philosophy. It is now rooted in blaming others, ridiculing others, destroying good will, attacking cherished values and institutions for political gain, and encouraging dependency on government, encouraging selfish demands to entitlements, demanding cradle to grave provision of food, clothing, housing and healthcare, with no intention of giving back. It is a philosophy that feeds on envy and class warfare: by its very nature destructive of the common good.

Liberalism is the softer, easier path only the weak, cowardly and uninspired will walk.

We are at a point of such demoralization and sloth it appears half the population at least prefers the softer, easier path.

We have an uphill battle therefore challenging people to rise up to confront their selfish reliance on government. The courageous character required of conservatism is the kind of thing instilled by parents from an early age. Rarely is it acquired in later life.

It seems to me our only hope is to revitalize the nuclear family to raise strong, courageous and inspired individuals and at the same time, appeal to adults to rise above selfish impulse and embrace an inspired, conservative approach.

Jim Simpson adds, brilliantly:

Liberalism has always been about self. And it has always been the easy, attractive way because its proponents see it as their meal ticket and the political system is naturally oriented to make that option attractive. If you look at it soberly, what we are really fighting is the lower side of human nature. Communism sold the notion of complete sacrifice to the State by promising the have-nots a greater share – appealing to both their greed and resentment. How ironic, no? And when all is said and done the only people who really get ahead are the Communists! So it was a scam all along!

But honestly I think more people are crying “me too” because they have run out of options. There are few good conservative leaders to identify with and the press absolutely refuses to give us our due. In that atmosphere only an idiot would not see the writing on the wall. Support the giveaway sluts while the getting is good. Everyone knows instinctively that it can’t last.

So first we have to recruit good, brave, strong, articulate conservatives, and then we have to stridently demand the press leave off its massive bias.

Our targets should thus be:

1. Overthrow the leftist press,
2. Recruit spirited, knowledgable conservatives,
3. Take back moribund Republican Party organizations,
4. Ovethrow Leftist town councils, Boards of Education, Mayoralties, state legislatures and governorships,
5. Replace Leftist school administrators,
6. Replace Leftists in school organizations, e.g., the “Modern English Language Association” which is controlled now by Marxists.
In the long run we need to strenghen the institution of the family, but that can actually be done quite well with good tax policy

That’s for starters. SEE, SIMPLE! Just not easy.


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