Obama’s IED blew up in Pelosi’s face


Pelosi Accused CIA of lying to Congress concerning interrogation of terrorists.   Newt Gingrich’s reaction:

“I think she has lied to the House, and I think this is a big deal. I don’t think the Speaker of the House can lie to the country on national security matters.  I think this is the most despicable, dishonest and vicious political effort I’ve seen in my lifetime. She is a trivial politician, viciously using partisanship for the narrowest of purposes, and she dishonors the Congress by her behavior. This is really, really dangerous, and it is going to get a lot of people killed, if we don’t call a halt to it.”

Calls for her resignation escalate.


Obama’s IED blew up in Pelosi’s face

by Allan Erickson


As more information is revealed it looks like the Democrat attempt to assassinate Republicans with torture allegations has backfired in a big way.

First, the President releases memos describing the legal advice President Bush received to guide administration policy in the area of terrorist interrogations.   President Obama reportedly ‘agonized’ over the memo release decision, despite the fact that his CIA Director, and four Directors before him, had all advised against it.  So, obviously, the President’s decision to release this sensitive and classified information was politically motivated.

Having been elected largely as a result of six years of Bush lynchings, apparently the President and his minions decided it was good policy to solidify his position and destroy all opposition by staying with the same play book.   It seemed to many observers the President was starting to take a lot of flak from the far left for his seeming agreements with Bush on a number of fronts concerning national security.  What better to way differentiate and quell the flak than to make Bush the monster, once again.   So the President, in releasing the memos, was essentially throwing a bone to the far left.

Now that he refuses to release the photos, another flip flop, the left is furious again, so he has actually lost ground with them, and with everyone, as we see him drift with the prevailing breeze, behavior which tends to destroy confidence in leadership.

Release of those memos started a fire storm of controversy.  First, the far left Bush haters had a field day, no doubt to the delight of the White House.   It was 2002-2008 all over again.   The left was celebratory: roasting Bush and everyone associated with him.  Calls for investigations and incarceration resounded far and wide.

Then Dick Cheney stepped on to the stage.  He got serious air time.  He articulated consistent policy descriptions stretching back years.  He explained why they had waterboarded three very bad guys, explained how carefully the policy was crafted and rolled out, explained that Congress had been briefed many times in advance of any enhanced interrogation, and further, asserted the waterboarding had saved thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives.

Information revealed he was telling the truth and there was reason to believe the hysterical accusations coming from the far left and the Democrats were not so rooted in an embrace of justice and civilized proceeding as they were motivated by partisanship and political gameplaying.

Then came Pelosi’s serial efforts to explain herself, culminating in her suicidal press conference this week.  Obviously lying through her teeth, she stepped in one cow pie after another, dancing around in front of a thoroughly skeptical press corps like a coke head with a hot foot.

Panetta distanced himself and essentially called her a liar.  Gingrich ripped into her with a rarely seen fury, demanding her resignation.  Hoyer and even the President appeared to run for cover.

And now, leftists ‘journalists’ are suggesting the entire charade was really a Cheney-inspired set up, a crafty and brilliantly executed scheme to make the Democrats look bad.

Sorry folks.  The Dems did this to themselves, and everybody knows it, even the press corps than once loved Obama, now asking itself out loud about the real culture of corruption, the catch phrase once used by Pelosi to damn Republicans, now most applicable to the culture she has spawned.

Obama sent operatives out to plant an IED for Republicans, and it blew up in Pelosi’s face as she was digging the hole.

By all means Madame Speaker, let’s have a FULL investigation, and let’s have the Department of Justice involved to the hilt right away, as recommended by Sen. Schumer just last month.


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