Nightmare on the horizon


Video Here – Obama’s Arrogance: rising powers, world war 

Biden warned us


2 Responses to Nightmare on the horizon

  1. We’ve had eight years of nightmare, this is a welcome break if anything.

  2. Allan Erickson says:

    What a break eh? Financial disaster. Federal power expanded into every aspect of life. Erratic, weak and ineffective leadership. Rogue states and terrorists encouraged by our weakness/defense cuts/aimless foreign policy. A president who bows to foreign kings, cuddles up with dictators, and criticizes America overseas and at home. A president that wants to hand sovereignty to the European Union and the U.N. The break that refreshes huh? Hey futiledemocracy. When the Chinese hand you a shovel and tell you where to dig your own grave, remember this day. You were warned.

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