President Pantywaist hates America



by Gerald Warner, Telegraph.CO.UK

If al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the rest of the Looney Tunes brigade want to kick America to death, they had better move in quickly and grab a piece of the action before Barack Obama finishes the job himself.

Never in the history of the United States has a president worked so actively against the interests of his own people – not even Jimmy Carter.

Obama’s problem is that he does not know who the enemy is. To him, the enemy does not squat in caves in Waziristan, clutching automatic weapons and reciting the more militant verses from the Koran: instead, it sits around at tea parties in Kentucky quoting from the US Constitution.

Obama is not at war with terrorists, but with his Republican fellow citizens.

He has never abandoned the campaign trail. That is why he opened Pandora’s Box by publishing the Justice Department’s legal opinions on waterboarding and other hardline interrogation techniques. He cynically subordinated the national interest to his partisan desire to embarrass the Republicans.

Then he had to rush to Langley, Virginia to try to reassure a demoralised CIA that had just discovered the President of the United States was an even more formidable foe than al-Qaeda. “Don’t be discouraged by what’s happened the last few weeks,” he told intelligence officers. Is he kidding? Thanks to him, al-Qaeda knows the private interrogation techniques available to the US intelligence agencies and can train its operatives to withstand them – or would do so, if they had not already been outlawed.

So, next time a senior al-Qaeda hood is captured, all the CIA can do is ask him nicely if he would care to reveal when a major population centre is due to be hit by a terror spectacular, or which American city is about to be irradiated by a dirty bomb.

Your view of this situation will be dictated by one simple criterion: whether or not you watched the people jumping from the twin towers… President Pantywaist’s recent world tour, cosying up to all the bad guys, excited the ambitions of America’s enemies. Here, they realised, is a sucker they can really take to the cleaners.

His only enemies are fellow Americans. Which prompts the question: why does President Pantywaist hate America so badly?


My note: 

It is not just you Gerald.  Day by day, growing numbers of Americans become deeply alarmed.  We feel assaulted by our own President.  Everyday he makes moves that compromise our security, damage our prosperity and diminish happiness.   He encourages our enemies by sending signals we are weak, cowardly, appeasing, accommodating.  Obama’s policies are the blood in the water for the circling sharks.  It has been stated here before, and it is worth repeating: in nature, as with human behavior, when predators detect weakness, they attack. 

>Iran continues its pursuit of nuclear weapons.  Many believe they already have them thanks to help from the Russians and the N. Koreans.

>The North Koreans are escalating and threatening war.

>Terrorists groups worldwide are more encouraged than ever.   Indeed, Mr. Obama turns out to be the greatest recruiting tool they’ve ever used.  For One supposedly so brilliant, he displays either a willing cooperation with our enemies, or a stunning ignorance of their propaganda mastery.

>Human rights activists in China, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Venezuela, Cuba and elsewhere, people who’ve worked for years to confront authoritarianism in the name of freedom and human rights, they are demoralized and in retreat as this President coddles dictators and remains silent in the face of human rights violations, persecutions, and outright killing.

>The Europeans have repudiated Obama on Afghanistan and he is escalating there with no clearly articulated plan and no exit strategy.  He does not have an exit strategy for Iraq either.  Both places are seeing escalations of violence after all the gains made in recent years.

>Pakistan is increasingly unstable.  Millions of people have been displaced thanks to Taliban aggression.  Tensions between India and Pakistan are at fever pitch.

>Obama has made it clear he prefers the Muslim world to Israel by insisting Israel make concessions while ignoring Muslim atrocities.

>As you rightly point out this president has toured the world telling everyone America is the problem, America is at fault, simply fueling resentments and encouraging our enemies with his despicable rhetoric.

>Indeed, one would be hard pressed to name even one foreign policy improvement in the last four months since this man took office.  The fact is the wolves detect weakness and they are moving in for the kill.



2 Responses to President Pantywaist hates America

  1. Dave says:

    Mr. Warner,

    Sadly we are going through a Neville Chamberlain (Peace in our time) phase and have allowed the media to “select” our current Kenyan-born, socialist, appeasement foreign policy promoting … Commander in Pantywaist. See:

    Lord willing, there will be an America left to elect a Winston Churchill in 2012.

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