Jihad advances.President retreats


“It’s a sad day in America when the shooting of an abortion doctor stops the presses but no one notices two soldiers gunned down (in Arkansas) by an Islamist.”    Washington Times editorial

*What President should say tomorrow in Cairo (see end of this post).*


President bows to the Muslim world . . .

After saying America is no longer a Christian nation he now says U.S. is one of the largest Muslim nations.

IBD: Shouldn’t we be turning the screws on Iran, not Israel?

Obama says Iran has a right to nuclear power to generate electricity.  Iran has the 2nd largest petroleum reserves in the world.  Why do they need nuclear power?  Why doesn’t Obama want Americans to have nuclear power? 

Meanwhile, Islamic terrorism marches forward:

Weekly Jihad Report


May 23 – May 29 

Jihad Attacks: 35

Dead Bodies: 167

Critically Injured: 628

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace

“He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah’s cause”

Muhammad, prophet of Islam

2009.06.02 (Bagram, Afghanistan) – Two children are among six members of a family are annihilated by a Shahid suicide bomber.

2009.06.02 (Mogadishu, Somalia) – Three civilians are shot to death by al-Shabaab militants.

2009.06.01 (Mosul, Iraq) – A child is murdered when Sunni insurgents throw a grenade into the street.

2009.06.01 (Baghdad, Iraq) – Four innocents are blown apart by bombing at a marketplace.

2009.06.01 (Little Rock, AR, USA) – A Muslim with ‘religious motives’ guns down a local soldier in a drive-by attack.

2009.06.01 (Mogadishu, Somalia) – Holy warriors take down seven Somalis in two attacks.


British hostage beheaded by Islamists in Mali

Agence France Presse, by Staff


Mali on Wednesday named an Islamist leader believed to be behind the execution of a British hostage after an Al-Qaeda cell claimed it had exacted revenge for the detention of a radical cleric. Prime Minister Gordon Brown condemned the “barbaric act” and vowed to “confront terrorism” while Switzerland said it would strive to secure the release of one of its citizens who was captured alongside Edwin Dyer.


Obama lands in Mideast to bin Laden blast

By Stephen Collinson – 14 hour

RIYADH (AFP) — President Barack Obama launched a landmark Middle East trip on Wednesday to reach out to the world’s Muslims, but earned a swift rebuke from Osama bin Laden in a stinging new audiotape. Obama arrived in Riyadh to a red-carpet welcome and a kiss on both cheeks from Saudi King Abdullah, a key regional power broker who also serves as protector of the two holiest sites in Islam. But minutes after Air Force One touched down, Al-Jazeera television aired a new tape from the Al-Qaeda chief, hot on the heels of a statement from his right-hand man Ayman al-Zawahiri who lashed out at Obama’s “bloody messages”. Joining a battle for the hearts and minds of the Arab world, bin Laden accused Obama of perpetuating former president George W. Bush’s policies of “antagonising Muslims.”


Recruiter Shooting Suspect Had Ties to Extremist Locations

Shooting Suspect Acted Alone?  Had plans to hit schools, Jewish facilities, churches


Converted to Islam in prison


June 2, 2009 

The recent convert to Islam who allegedly shot and killed a U.S. soldier at a Little Rock, Ark., recruiting booth had ties to a number of global locations linked to extremists, including Yemen, Somalia and Columbus, Ohio, ABC News has learned. Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad (formerly Carlos Bledsoe), 24, upon his arrest Monday shortly after the fatal shooting, allegedly confessed and told authorities he acted alone, according to court documents. But prior to the shooting, Muhammad had been the subject of a preliminary investigation by the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force since his return from Yemen, where he was arrested and had in his possession a false Somali passport, ABC News has learned.


Taliban targets civilians in Afghanistan



Taliban war with Pakistan displaces one million civilians



Air France received bomb threat prior to losing plane over the Atlantic


Hamas tortures Gaza residents, continues assault on Israel



Female genital mutilation: 6,000 per day



RESOURCE:  www.jihadwatch.org





2 Responses to Jihad advances.President retreats

  1. Moss says:

    HUMAN SACRIFICE AND DEMONOLATRY IN ISLAM – Sacred ritual murder accompanied by chants of ‘Allah Akhbar!’ to propitiate the lunatic Mohammed’s moon-demon.

  2. […] he apologized for America, signaled weakness, and undercut our ally Israel.   We now have escalation against America and Israel from Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and many other Islamofascist groups […]

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