Our Feckless Leader: Countdown to Disaster


Big hat, no cattle: world worse for Obamawear

by Allan Erickson

We were forced to listen to the sniveling and the whining and the vitriol for eight years: Bush’s foreign policy is a disaster, everybody hates us, the world has never been more opposed to the U.S., Bush is a diplomatic moron, we must have change.

And so we changed.

We elected a man who said he would get us out of Iraq immediately.   We are still in Iraq and will be for years to come.   Violence is increasing.

Minus One.

He said he would focus the war on terror in Afghanistan where it rightly belongs by building an international coalition.  Our strategy in Afghanistan now, following recent escalations, appears disjointed, and there is no coalition.   The Europeans have essentially told us we are on our own. 

Minus Two.

He said we needed to talk to our adversaries in our own hemisphere, seek common ground, lift the Cuban embargo, do business with Chavez and cooperate with Ortega.   The communist thugs in Central and South America, perceiving weakness, used the world stage to humiliate our country, take PR advantage through propaganda, and coordinate with Iran and China to militarize and extract resources.  

Minus Three.

He said we should reach out to our adversaries in the Muslim world, negotiate, seek understanding and common ground.  He went to Cairo, and  in a reprise of his Latin American performance, he apologized for America, signaled weakness, and undercut our ally Israel.   We now have escalation against America and Israel from Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and many other Islamofascist groups stretching from Indonesia throughout the Far East, extending through India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.  Our relationship with Pakistan has deteriorated.   They now fight for their lives against the Taliban.  More than a million Pakistanis have been displaced.  Al Qaeda announced this week they seek Pakistani nuclear weapons to use against us.

Minus Four.

He said we should work with the mullahs in Iran to find ways to peacefully coexist.  They answered by testing missiles, threatening the world with war, and developing nuclear weapons while increasing naval and air force maneuvers in The Gulf.

Minus Five.

He said we must work with the Chinese and others to open dialogue with North Korea to seek understanding and work for peace through negotiations.   The North Koreans reacted by staging missile tests and restarting nuclear weapons production, and deployed a suspicious ship allegedly loaded with weapons to launch at Hawaii.  They recently ended the truce that halted the Korean War in 1953, technically declaring war on the U.S.  The U.S. response has been non-existent thus far.  More signs of weakness.

Minus Six.

Suffering years of oppression, the Iranians finally hit the streets to protest the brutal and murderous regime in Tehran.  Our president sits on his hands for many days and then issues a statement that simply decries violence without lending any support to the freedom fighters.   We decry Iranian ambitions to acquire nuclear weapons and for years seek a solution to the problem of Iran promising nuclear war against Israel, trying sanctions and international cooperation to no avail, noting the lack of viable military options, and when a solution presents itself in the form of civil unrest brought by average Iranians dying in the streets, we shrink from the challenge and the opportunity like cowards.  Disgraceful.

Minus Seven.

The president sends the treasury secretary to China and to assure the Chinese America is solvent.  They laugh.  The president sends the secretary of state to China to beg them to buy bonds.  They laugh.

Minus Eight.

The president goes to Europe asking leaders there to embrace massive government spending to stimulate their economies.  They laugh.

Minus Nine.

Five months in and this cat has spent his nine lives.

America used to stand for freedom and goodness, truth and justice, providing encouragement to all who yearn to breathe free.

Today, we stand for everything, and nothing, encouraging murderers worldwide by our double-minded weakness and ineffectual foreign policy.

Once fearless, we’ve become feckless.

Change has dashed hope.   By electing a unqualified, untested, leftist ideologue, we have actually seen the world get markedly worse in a very short time.   Instability is the new world order we have ushered into our own laps.

Simply stated: when predators sense weakness, they hunt, kill, and eat.

This feckless president is reckless, putting everyone in danger.

Our enemies were afraid of Bush, and that was a good thing.

PS:  Obama promised us bin Laden’s head on a platter.  Where is it?  Can you say close Gitmo?  Since when does an American president bow to a Saudi king?   And when did an American president willingly release secret CIA documents allowing our enemies an advantage?

Minus Ten, Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen, and counting.


With most of the US intelligence and military resources concentrated on the terrorism war, the Russians have taken advantage of the situation and have once again taken a lead role in international affairs, especially when it comes to nuclear arms and advanced weapons technology. And they’re not shy about sharing this weapons technology with renegade states such as Venezuela, North Korea and Iran.


Missile Defense Misjudgment

If you think 9/11 was bad, just wait until al-Qaida gets a nuke, which is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Based both in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s untamed northwest frontier, al-Qaida in April launched a major offensive into Pakistan’s Swat Valley, engaging in fierce fighting with Pakistani army forces.


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