Limbaugh vs. Schultz


Big Ed Schultz, the mouse that roared: desperate for a ratings boost, Mr. Ed challenges Rush to a duel.

File:Rush Limbaugh.jpg    

     Limbaugh                                       Sgt. Schultz

Mr. Ed would be pathetic if he wasn’t so irrelevant.  However, for sheer malevolence, no one out shines Mr. Ed.

“McCain is a warmonger.”

“Cheney is a selfish pig.”

“Limbaugh is a coward.”

Wouldn’t you love to see a debate between the real deal and the schlemeel!  Rush would indeed have to debate Schultz with “half his brain tied behind his back, just to make it fair.”

Notice Mr. Ed doesn’t play the entire Rush sound bite so he disallows his viewers any understanding, any context, which is perfect for a one-dimensional propagandist.  Mr. Ed is perfect for MSNBC, joining the ranks of the rank: Olbermann and Maddow and Matthews.    For those of you interested in more than one dimension, here it is:



Anybody willing to wager on how long it will be before Mr. Ed’s show gets cancelled? 

(Then again, perhaps they’ll keep the feed bag on for a long while.  They seem to love low ratings at MSNBC.)  

Prediction:  once Mr. Ed is cancelled, he’ll find a way to blame Limbaugh, the rich, or Republicans.   Trouble is, you can’t find many of those running or watching MSNBC.  So, when Mr. Ed is sent to the glue factory, it will be his leftist buddies driving the meat wagon.

Mr. Ed hates rich guys, unless they’re named Soros, the man responsible for Mr. Ed’s rise to ‘prominence.’  Rush earned it.  Mr. Ed is bought, packaged and shipped.

Rush probably won’t debate Ed.  It would be so unfair, like putting Barney Fife in the ring with Jack Demsey.  Besides, why would Rush give Mr. Ed any help in the ratings?  Left to the free market, Mr. Ed is dog food, and that’s why he hates free markets.

Mr. Ed says Rush won’t debate because Rush is a coward. 

That’s comparable to Dr. Zachary Smith (Lost in Space) calling Eisenhower a coward.

As to ratings, well, Mr. Ed’s shameful showing is indictment enough.

The Ed Show plummets

Mr. Ed at bottom of the heap with 500,000 viewers in prime time TV, only about 126,000 between the ages of 24 and 56!

What is Rush’s audience at any given time on radio?   Twenty million

(“Well gooooolly Wilburrrrr, I didn’t know I was a plow horse…!”)

Case closed, end of story, say no more…


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