Google this:

Obama backpedals

You get 202,000 hits in .28 seconds.  What a list!

Some at the top of the hit parade:

Obama Backpedals on Transparency Promise – Media Shows Anger in

btpnc : Message: MOTION — Resolution to Oppose Obama’s backpedaling on Iraq

Obama Backpedals on Appointment of Lobbyists … – Topic Powered

Obama backpedals on pork; set to sign $410B spending bill

JustOneMinute: Obama Continues The ‘Torture’ Backpedaling

Slate V: Obama Backpedals, Voters React « Newsletter Central clinging to guns and Bibles

La Vida Locavore:: Obama states facts about food system, backpedals

Twitter / The One True b!X: Obama backpedals on behalf …  Obama backpedals on behalf of Sotomayor for a statement that doesn’t require backpedaling

Obama Backpedals on Repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ « From the Left

Obama Backpedals on the Uighurs” | Republican National

Obama backpedals on DC gun ban « Internet Scofflaw

The Adventures of Citizen X: Obama Backpedals on Bonuses

The Jawa Report: Obama Backpedals, Distances Campaign From Jeremiah Wright Blog : Matt Lewis : Obama Backpedals From Palin Attack

Virginia M. Moncrieff: Obama Backpedals On Afghan Troop Surge

Obama Backpedals on Immigration Reform Promise – New York State

Obama backpedals on release of detainee pictures: Not Good! – Stan

Center for International Finance & Development: Obama Backpedals re: NAFTA

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Another Obama flip-flop: Jerusalem

Beer-Bait-n-Ammo: Obama Backpedals. Again.  making Vets pay for medical care

Obama’s Bad Week in Review | Ohio GOP – Obama backpedals on meeting with Iranian leaders

For the bonus round, Google —   Obama flip-flop


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