BHO the unifier . . .

. . . sowing division.

Disapproval outweighs approval: Rasmussenopinion polling among likely voters

  • 28% strongly approve, 40% strongly disapprove, while 51% generally disapprove
  • 49% say our best days are behind us
  • 75% of the people want the Federal Reserve audited
  • 53% say healthcare reform will mean price increases, and 50% say quality of care will decline
  • Most  think Obama believes America is unfair/discriminatory while 69% disagree with him
  • Majorities think interest rates will climb and they express little confidence in the stimulus plans

Gallup notes declining approval, different numbers

53% approve, 39% disapprove

PRINCETON, NJ — Amidst President Obama’s push in July to revamp the nation’s healthcare system, Gallup finds his average job approval rating registering 56% for the seven-day period ending Sunday, down from 59% the previous week. This three percentage point drop is the largest week-to-week decline seen in Obama’s job approval thus far in his presidency, and punctuates a gradual descent from his 66% rating in early May.

Americans split on Heathcare Reform: most disapprove of current approach



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