“America is a Dumb Country”



Bill Maher says America “is a dumb country.”

We agree with Maher to the extent we saw evidence at the polls on Election Day in 2006 and 2008.

On the other hand, how can anyone characterize an entire country as “dumb”?   That truly is dumb.  By what measure does Maher arrive at his informed conclusion?

There are certainly many countries in the world with illiteracy rates much higher that the U.S.   Are they dumber?  

The Iranians put up with a cruel, dictatorial, fanatic government.  Does that make them dumber?   The Venezuelans put up with Chavez.  Are they dumber still?

Perhaps we are dumbest.

We put up with Maher.  


[Word to the intelligent: be wary of the beady-eyed crass master with pinned back ears bookending a Neanderthal forehead below a receding hairline.  He doesn’t age gracefully, and, he will throw you to the wolves for a booking and a buck.]

PS:  Americans created the greatest society in the world, by any measure, focusing on traditional Judeo-Christian values, hard work, economic freedom, the principles supporting a democratic republic, small central government, and strong national defense.  

Maher opposes all these proven elements of success, calls himself a libertarian, then licks Obama boots. 

To whom shall we ascribe dumbness?

PPS:  Anyone notice where Bill chooses to live and “work”?


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