No wonder Obama does not want to talk healthcare specifics


Faced with huge opposition, BHO tries rhetorical tricks and demonizing insurers 

by Karl Rove, WSJ

Rep. Tom Price admonishes govt-takeover of healthcare

HR 3200


In his own words, Obama wants to eliminate private insurance and force everyone into a government-run program, video statements here.

Single Payer means total government control, socialized medicine. 

Petition here 

No wonder Obama wants to rush it through.  If a few more Americans would realize what ObamaCare really means, there would be a revolution in this country.  No wonder Obama is lying to you daily on this topic.  If you knew the truth, you would oppose this insanity just like the majority of Americans now oppose it.

Look up “reform” in the Obama dictionary.  It means “massive gov’t take over of the entire healthcare system rendering every American citizen a slave to the federal government.”  Cutting costs, increasing quality, and increasing access are all Obama lies purposely floated to con the people and lull them into a sense of security.

Healthcare “reform” means the government will have access to all your medical and financial records.  One provision allows them to transfer money from your bank account, electronically.    If you think you will have choices, forget it.  You will be ordered what to do every step of the way.

Reform means a commission will decide what healthcare you get, and when.  (Rationing by any definition.)  Another provision lays out the rules for what gets funded, who gets paid, and who authorizes payments.  (Rationing.)  Only elitists like Obama will get high-quality care.

Gov’t takes over all decisions re: vaccinations.  Mandatory.

Gov’t will control medications: pricing, development, availability.  Good bye private research and innovation.

Abortion on demand will be a publically funded ‘healthcare’ service.

Old folks will have to acquire counseling in certain circumstances to discuss ‘end of life strategies.’  Rahm’s brother Emanuel says withholding healthcare from seniors is part of ‘the greater good.’

Hey!  There’s even a provision for clinics in schools.  Guess what the gov’t will be teaching our kids there?

Heathcare affirmative action and diversity scholarships?  You bet!

Gov’t takes over all doctor training and certification.

All non-citizens are covered.   (“Come to America illegally!  Free healthcare courtesy of the American taxpayers!)

Gov’t can come into your home and teach you how to parent according to one provision.

Read all the details here:  HR 3200 bullet points

More details, other versions, polling data (only 12% support in this survey).

Rational alternatives to ObamaCare:

Protest in Austin:

Sen. Specter & DHS Sec. Sebellius get an ear full and demonstrate their arrogance

Rahm’s doc brother speaks about rationing as part of NY protest coverage!

Part of national protest July 17:



Petition here


2 Responses to No wonder Obama does not want to talk healthcare specifics

  1. Allan Erickson says:

    Guess what! The politicians exempt themselves from universal healthcare. They retain their own ‘special’ system which provides choices, freedom, options, all the things they want to deny the little people.

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