America at the crossroads


Will we save our Republic, or follow so many other civilizations and stumble into despotism, decline and destruction?

If we continue on our current path, despotism and decline are inevitable.  Do we have time to avoid destruction?  Step one: we need to ‘talk it up’ daily, engaging friends, associates, relatives and neighbors in a national conversation about the future of our country.

For those passionate about our democratic republic and the blessings of liberty, here are some tools we can use to rebuild our country, information we can use to ‘talk it up’:

The Nature of the Problem

Evan Sayet: The Take Over of American Culture

James Lewis: It’s about loyalty

Herbert E. Meyer: Revolution

Janice Rogers Brown: The Pursuit of Perfection in Law and Politics

The Push for One World Government at the expense of American Sovereignty

Dimensions of the Solution

The Founders’  Vision: Who we are, what America is all about

The Secret of our Success: Core Values we cannot do without

The Essential Trust Factor

Republic and Conservatism inseparable & interdependent

My note

One thing we must stop, absolutely.  We must stop responding to all the anti-American critics who accuse us of every crime under the sun. It is their strategy to shove us up against the wall with a verbal barrage, keeping us off message.  We have the truth.  We bow to no one.   Whether faced with outright misrepresentations or false accusations (e.g. racism, anti-intellectualism etc.), we must learn to brush the gnats aside and promote our message, leaving them speechless.

One thing we must start, absolutely.  We must start taking the initiative in the national debate.  Rather than always responding, allowing the opposition to force us into a defensive posture, we must go on offense, take the initiative, set the agenda, driving home the essential arguments required to persuade others we are right.  And we must always, always, promote our message with cheerful, positive, uplifting articulation.





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