Ever hear of the Apollo Alliance?


Communists hijacking the Republic?  We have Glenn Beck to thank, again!

Say it ain’t so Trigger!  Lassie!  What’s the matter girl?

Here is Mr. Ringo, the leader of the Apollo Alliance, bragging about the coalition between Labor Unions, Environmentalists, Social Justice types, and Communists.  The Apollo Challenge!  Rise up!  (Coordinate with ACORN?  No doubt…)

Get a load of this character  “Senator Harry Reid gets it!”  (OK…) 

JFK would have a thing or two to tell Mr. Ringo about fiscal conservatism.   Oh, and by the way, Mr. Ringo, we still have $3/gal. gas, and war in the Middle East.

What a difference three years and the election of BHO makes?  (Diggin’ that hopey change baby!)

You want clean energy, jobs and prosperity so we can get free of foreign oil?  How about nuclear power, eh Mr. Ringo?  (Sorry, not PC.)

You are intentionally light on details, you say?  (But heavy on the BS…)

You go on down there General.  Go on down there and brainstorm with Green Peace and MoveOn.org and the Sierra Club and Soros and the boys.  We’ll all be right down.   Go on now.  Have a real good time!


2 Responses to Ever hear of the Apollo Alliance?

  1. […] middle class pretending to be allies, then plundering the middle class to fund stuff like ACORN, The Apollo Alliance, MoveOn.org, Code Pink, Public Allies, AmeriCorp, The Annenberg Challenge, The Woods Fund, Media […]

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