Un-American to dissent: ObamaCare protests indicate war


Great healthcare spot produced by OREGON GOP

Hoyer and Pelosi call ObamaCare protestors un-American.

Let the facts speak for themselves.

Point by point, Pelosi and Hoyer are shown drowning out the truth: Heritage Foundation report here.  Numerous polls cited showing majority of people oppose ObamaCare.  So much for manufactured rage, corporate sponsorship of protests, and only the radical fringe involved, as Toxic Maddow would have you believe, here.

Read the bill here.  HR 3200, overview

(Sure there are other proposals but this is ObamaCare, the mother of all proposals.)

Obama thuggery on full display at town hall meeting here.  (Here is the real un-American activity, preventing people from attending.)

Seniors tell AARP what to do with it here.

White House says rage is manufactured and doctor targeted by the WH responds.


More angry protests here

Palin calls ObamaCare ‘evil’

ACORN being used to pre-empt opposition

Dallas Tea Party activists outflank MoveOn.org at ObamaCare protest

Blue Dog calls it war

Durbin reading from same play book as Pelosi, Hoyer and Reid

Dear Schumer, Durbin, Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid and the rest:

Just keep talking and insulting The People.   Every time you open your mouth, you dig your hole deeper.  By all means, keep talking.


One Oregon woman gets a taste of gov’t healthcare

Oregon plan will pay to kill, not keep you alive


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