Open Letter to Politicians in Washington


by Allan Erickson

Attending our local town hall meeting last night in McMinnville, Oregon, it was confirmed for me once again you people just don’t get it.  What is it about the water in D.C.? Does it cause instant arrogance, rendering you incapable of serving  the peoples’ best interests?

Were Leftists verbally abusive during the wait in line.  Predictably. Did the ObamaTrons try to dominate the meeting?  Of course.  Did our Congressman talk down to us.  Yes.  Was speech strictly controlled.  Absolutely.  Did the Congressman obfuscate? Certainly. 

Example video of how ObamaTrons shout down people they disagree with


We were at a loss to understand Congressman Wu.  He said he applauds private health insurance as a component of the system that should remain, but promotes the President’s HR 3200 which would effectively destroy private insurance, and he seemed to give the nod to the single payer crowd.  Single payer, by definition, means no private insurance.

Complete video coverage of the McMinnville town hall meeting with Rep. Wu here

However, our rage is kindled by much bigger fish.

Thanks to you politicians we are bankrupt.  Former Comptroller David Walker, a Democrat, said two years ago federal spending for Medicare, Social Security and the prescription drug program means we are in debt (unfunded liabilities) about $55T looking 30 years out.  He said by then we won’t even be able to make interest payments on the debt.  We are broke.   U.S. Debt Clock

Dear fellow citizen: you already owe $192,000.00.   That is your share of the national debt.

Check out this great comparison of our debt run up since 1900:  video graphic here.

Insanely, against all reason, in the face of these facts, you politicians have continued your orgy of spending, increasing the debt load far beyond what we can carry.  You spend twice what you take in. You have added trillions more to the load we must carry in the last few months alone, and now you want us to nod and grin as you add trillions more in this power mad plan to take over healthcare.

There is only one solution: cut spending and increase taxes.  We can certainly count on you to do what you are doing, raising taxes to fund your orgy.  And we can count on you to ignore the call to cut spending.

You wonder why people across the country, from the Tea Parties to the Town Halls, are outraged?!  Look no further than your own mirror.  Wake up.  The polls tell the story.  You have spent all your political capital in only a few months.

Not only have you squandered our resources and put our grandchildren in a horrendous debt situation, you have destroyed the greatest economy on earth. Federal spending and federal interference in the private sector are to blame. The Founders warned us about this. Yet you continue to spend money we don’t have,  you continue grabbing power the Constitution does not grant, exercising more and more authority, irresponsibly.  You destroyed our manufacturing base, exporting jobs, and you find it hard to believe we hold you responsible?

From Carter’s community redevelopment program right through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, you promoted government take over of the housing and mortgage industries, forcing affirmative action loans, destroying the American dream.  You stood opposed or slept while many called for reform and you allowed Wall Street to repackage these bad loans and peddle them globally, screwing everyone. Then you turned around and plundered the treasury, making backroom deals with industry, rewarding appointees with millions in bonuses so they would keep the ball rolling. 

To cover your tracks you blame each other, accusing one another of influence pedaling and corruption, all the while participating in it.

You’ve shown yourselves corrupt, incompetent, untrustworthy, and unworthy of office.   In short you are criminals.

You can’t even manage a dumb program like Cash for Clunkers yet you call us un-American for opposing your efforts to centralize all power in Washington, misusing the power we gave you, to our detriment!  Who is un-American?!

You promote immorality, sneer at our cherished values, assault the family and dictate to us, invading every aspect of our lives, and then you wonder why people are seething with anger and resentment, why you are seen as elitists unconcerned about the general welfare?

The President trots around the world apologizing for America at every turn, bowing and scraping in the presence of murderous dictators, and you can’t imagine why we are furious?  And anyone who raises a dissenting voice, exercising a God-given right to free speech, is tagged racist.

You display weakness in the presence of our enemies and then you can’t understand how we see you as cowardly?

You allow illegal aliens worldwide to live here, consume our resources, and fill our jails, and then do nothing to lift this burden from the backs of our citizens, actually making it worse by rewarding illegal behavior.  And you wonder why we see you as traitors?

You jam cap and trade down our throats based on junk science in a mad dash to appease eco-Nazis and accelerate our downfall yet you can’t fathom why we think  you are fools?

For most of us, 2010 and 2012 cannot come soon enough.   We suspect you are purposefully destroying our country to pave the way for global governance, something the powerful now speak about without restraint, as if it is a foregone conclusion, a conclusion requiring the destruction of American sovereignty.

The American people are tolerant, patient and fair-minded.   But enough is enough.  It is well past time we ran you buggers out of office, replacing every one of you with true patriots who know how to balance a check book.

As the old saying goes, you don’t give the car keys to a drunken teenager.   You are lawless and reckless and the time has come to put an end to this intolerable situation before you do more damage, or drive the final nail in the coffin.

Perhaps there is time to save the country.

Perhaps we should withhold our tax dollars until such time as you dry out and get through rehab.  Better yet, sober up and get out and get some productive work, allowing regular working people to run the country.

At least common folk have common sense.


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