U.S. Financial Crisis


This will get much worse before it gets better, if ever.  Global Katrina?

2012 Economic Apocalypse: Gerald Celente – Phantom money, no productive capacity=disaster.

www.geraldcelente.tk : Tax riots, food riots.  www.trendsresearch.com

More from Celente

Soros predicts depression

Dent predicts depression


Record federal deficit climbs higher

Excerpts 8.12.09

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal deficit climbed higher into record territory in July, hitting $1.27 trillion with two months remaining in the budget year.

The Treasury Department said Wednesday that the July deficit totaled $180.7 billion, slightly more than the $177.5 billion economists had expected.

The Obama administration is projecting that when the current budget year ends on Sept. 30, the imbalance will total $1.84 trillion, more than four times last year’s record-high.

The soaring deficits have raised worries among foreign owners of U.S. Treasury securities including the Chinese, the largest holder of such debt.

Massive amounts of government spending to combat the recession and stabilize the U.S. financial system have pushed the deficit higher. The cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with depleted government tax revenues, also are major factors.

The total public debt now stands at $11.6 trillion. Interest payments on the debt cost $452 billion last year, the largest federal spending category after Medicare-Medicaid, Social Security and defense.


Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) — More than 150 publicly traded U.S. lenders own nonperforming loans that equal 5 percent or more of their holdings, a level that former regulators say can wipe out a bank’s equity and threaten its survival.


We are broke.  It will get far worse before it gets better. 


U.S. Debt Clock

National Debt Roadtrip

David Walker tried to warn us

David Walker warns us AGAIN!

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Prepare for hyperinflation



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