Nationalized Healthcare & Fascism


The battle between good & evil

Socialized Medicine

by Art Thompson   


Americans are at a fork in the road.

One fork continues along the path of free enterprise, innovation, and professionalism. The Left fork leads to socialized medicine, lack of invention, and bureaucracy.

One fork is based on individualism, freedom, and good old Yankee gumption. The other is based on collectivism and is driven by design and behind-the-scenes organization.

The forces driving socialized medicine have been successful in almost all cases around the world in establishing government programs wholesale, with the exception of the United States. Here they have been forced to move in an echelon movement: a two steps forward and one step back strategy. Most often it is slowly, but sometimes they have moved a little faster than the American people would tolerate, which tends to wake the sleeping giant. The effects of this are evident in the current voter outrage expressed in town hall meetings across the country.

There has been a long historical battle between good and evil. Until recently — the 20th Century — rarely has the good been organized. In the public venue, evil has always been organized.

Why bring the word evil into the debate on government health care? The mass murderer and Bolshevik leader of communist Russia Lenin said that socialized medicine was the keystone in the arch of the socialist state.

Without this perspective, one cannot begin to understand what is really going on and the ramifications of socialized medicine on the people, their relationship with their government, and ultimately their liberty.

Once government establishes universal, mandatory health care, it becomes the platform for the control of people’s wellbeing, the medical profession, and allows government control over the records of every man, woman, and child in the realm. It will also mandate national ID cards and other controlling factors.

More importantly, it ultimately becomes the prerogative of the state whether one lives or dies and changes the basic foundation of a free state — the protection of the right to life of its citizens. It becomes a form of government that decides life. This more than any other aspect of the debate over health care makes socialized medicine evil.

Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, had this to say in the early 1960s about the importance of national health care to the socialist agenda, in his brilliant speech “Medicine Leads the Way”:

…measures having to do with medicine and putting every detail of the practice of medicine completely in the hands of the state would be in most cases the easiest to introduce of all programs anyway near as far reaching in their effect.

In other words, it is the easiest means by which to get the people to accept a change government from one that protects life and liberty to one that controls the people.

Let us never forget the admonition of Lord Acton: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It was the mandatory health care system that came into effect in Germany in January 1884 that served as the platform for Hitler’s Hospitals, leading from there to a eugenics program, and on down the road to Auschwitz. Those who have studied this entire program know that this is not an exaggeration.

The point is this: Without the compulsory health care system already in place before Hitler came to power, the Nazis would have had a very difficult time carrying out this part of their agenda.

The lure of security on the part of the people has always been used by demagogues who want power. Another quote from “Medicine Leads the Way” addresses this problem:

The great basic theme, excuse, and selling point of collectivism always is security. The word and the concept have so powerful an appeal that many people are willing to pay a fabulous price in other values for even the flimsiest and most visibly exaggerated promise of security. And, security is perennially held like a bobble before the masses by the ambitious demagogues to beguile the masses into supporting all of the foundation planks on which tyranny is erected.

Now in practice, security is obtained for one of just two things: for either freedom or labor. And throughout all of history, the trade has almost always been for freedom.

The historical background of the road to socialized medicine is well documented in this speech. Little has changed in the years since it was delivered.

The leading advocates of the current bill before the Congress state in advocacy meetings that this is only another step toward the complete socialization of medicine. There is a hidden agenda that was exposed in Robert Welch’s speech in the early 1960s that continues on today.

The deliberate obfuscation of the real intent of those offering the latest scheme for government intervention into the doctor-patient relationship remains as it was during “Medicine Leads the Way.”

It is must “hearing” for all Americans.

Download it here and listen, then spread the message far and wide.




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