Obama demonizes We the People

Keeping in mind Obama is an Alinsky disciple—trained, groomed, and deployed—and keeping in mind Alinsky taught his operatives to demonize the opposition, isolate them, ridicule them and hit below the belt, is it any wonder Obama and his Democrat allies have launched a campaign to smear all opposition to ObamaCare?

So far, here is the list of Obama’s enemies of the state:

>radio talkshow hosts
>conservative Americans
>Tea Party types, many are Democrats
>town hall protestors, many are Democrats
>health insurance companies
>pharmaceutical companies
>television networks
>Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats
>Independents opposed to socialized medicine

Along with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dick Durbin and others, this President basically says anybody who disagrees with him is un-American, in the words of Reid, people out to “sabotage democracy.”

Hypocritically, the President and his fellows have no interest in embracing the democratic process, or taking time to consider debate and allow the process to proceed. Instead, they rush to shove this thing down our throats, demonizing us if we object.

Any wonder the Obama machine is perceived authoritarian?

Indeed, the confusion and controversy can be blamed squarely on Obama. He has mismanaged this entire issue from day one. Even to this day he has not revealed a central, detailed plan, preferring to float five plans that constantly change.  He causes confusion, then blames others for it, accusing the opposition of misrepresention.  Then, he repeats himself over and over, promising to cut costs, and expand coverage (impossible), promising to preserve choice while promoting single payer (impossible), and proposing we cut Medicare but preserve senior care (impossible).

We are expected to simply believe this man when he lies to us, and if we don’t, we are demonized.

This is leadership we can believe in?

It is obvious Obama has worn out his welcome. Finding himself up against the wall on healthcare reform, he is desperate, willing to pistol whip all opposition.

It is paralyzing when leadership stands opposed to the majority of the people.

It is downright dangerous when leadership turns on the people, fomenting violence.

Obama has no one to blame but himself.  And the more he blames others, the more he reveals both his immaturity and his ineptitude, not to mention his contempt for the people.


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