Why the Left is coming unglued


by Allan Erickson

Have you noticed the radical left (that is, the majority in the Democrat party) seems a bit tense these days?  There has been a sea change from the sea change: the radical change from Bush to Obama (which, aside from the rhetoric, turns out not to have been much of a change at all) has descended from the high highs of inauguration day to the dog days of summer.

ObamaTrons are very upset, and they just don’t want you talking about it!  The heady charge from winter to spring has stalled.  The parties are over.  Reality bites.

Why all the sad or snarling faces?

The first thing to understand about radical leftists is they are emotion-driven.  While they will tell you (over and over) how intellectually superior they are on all matters great and small, watch their behavior. Raw emotion is the fuel. Their so-called intellectualism is a vain attempt to modify emotionalism and it is also a game they play to impress one another.  The primary impulse of a leftist is to respond to stimuli without forethought.  Smile, and they smile.   Frown, and they frown.  Challenge their presuppositions and they’ll scratch your eyes out.   It’s primarily about feelings, nothing more than feelings.

To prove this theorem, find a dyed in the pulled wool ObamaTron and tell him you believe the President’s attempt to socialize medicine is a precursor to his overall plan to destroy economic freedom and establish an oligarchy in place of republic. Even if the ObamaTron does not understand the particulars, he will react knee-jerk, perceiving you don’t like his messiah, and you will be treated to an incomparable hate-filled verbal barrage.  He won’t threaten physical violence.  That would be inappropriate.

To strengthen the point, notice how the radical left pitched a fit when the Tea Parties started up in April.  Notice how they run amok today in the face of aggressive questioning of politicians at town hall meetings.  How could anyone stand opposed to their messiah?!  He is such a nice guy! And he is black!  No doubt these protestors are racists, rubes, gun-toting, bible hugging morons.

For an emotional ball of wax, there can be no other explanation.

Hysterics (in the main baby boomers and their offspring) find it almost impossible to debate the merits.  Afterall, it’s much more emotionally thrilling to attack and slander and ridicule.  Who cares about the details when the quest is all that matters?

To illustrate this look at the ‘debate’ surround healthcare ‘reform.’   Across-the-board polling data concludes huge majorities believe our healthcare system is damned good, and if some folks are without access, well, let’s help them, but completely revamping the entire system and putting the federales in charge, well, that’s not a good idea.  (Those birds tend to run red ink, endlesslessly, and quality service routinely goes to hell.)

Never mind the reality on the ground.  The radical left decided a long time ago that socialized medicine must be established.  Not because it makes good public health policy.  Not because it is rooted in sound economic principle.  Not because there is a real need for it or to address a ‘crisis.’  No.  Rather, we need to have gov’t-run healthcare because it’s somehow ‘fair,’ and doing this will make everybody FEEL better, more secure.  And it’s more compassionate because obviously the doctors are rich greedy bastards and the insurance companies are blood sucking vampires and the drug companies are capitalist pigs . . .  Thus you get the back side emotion of the left, the dark side, the seething, vicious side, sparked by a sense of victimization, rationalized by demonizing and stereotyping entire groups.

Sensing the massive FEELINGS out there, Obama ran a big plank of his campaign platform on healthcare reform.  Now that he has failed, watch the FEELINGS turn against him.  (The feelings will still run under the radar for a while though.  Wouldn’t want radical friends to turn on you, calling you a sellout and a racist.  The fear is something leftists live with, daily, for there is no tyranny like the tyranny of the left.)

The second thing to understand about radical leftists is they are convinced they are morally superior to everyone because they care more than you do: they CARE about the poor and the environment and animals. Caring is automatic license to claim the moral high ground.   Electability has everything to do with being perceived as a FEELING, CARING person, someone who FEELS your PAIN and CARES desperately about it.  (The fact nothing ever changes does enter in to it.  Shut up.)  And so, morality for the leftist centers on feelings and caring, reducing morality to pretty much whatever you want it to be.  Their sense of morality is not girded by any transcendent authority or buttressed by proven principles applied on the ground.  No.  Their ‘new morality’ is pretty much rooted in the 60s mantra, “If it feels good, do it, just so long as it doesn’t hurt someone else.”  Consequently, in the wake of 45 million murdered babies since 1973, there was a lot of feel good for some, and, a lot of hurt and devastation for many more in view of millions of lives injured or ruined, STDs, AIDS, divorce, strife, death, destruction and so on. 

Hence, the moral superiority of the radical left demonstrates its intellectual superiority as well.  

The third thing to realize about the radical left is they assume comprehensive entitlement.  I asked an ObamaTron outside our local town hall meeting recently why he believes univeral healthcare is a ‘right.’  He replied that since the Constitution says we have an inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we have a right to healthcare, because without health, there can be no happiness.  

Rather than point out the phrase is contained in the Declaration of Independence,  I rejoined, saying a BMW 750Li would make me happy.  Therefore, do I have an inalienable right to a 750Li? 

He just stared at me.

Happiness to him is a feeling.  All that seems to matter are feelings.  Some people cannot afford a college education, and that causes bad feelings, and it is unfair on the face of it, so, a college education automatically becomes an inalienable right.   And this leads to the final point.  Radical leftists, in the main baby boomers and their spawn, have always existed in the lap of relative luxury.  They have suffered little.  They have enjoyed much.  They have been denied little, and they have earned little, yet they expect everything, and go ballistic if denied anything.

It’s what I call the Veruca Syndrome: “Give it to me now daddy!  I want it now!!  And if you don’t give it to might right away, I’LL SCREEEEAAMMM!!!

But you can’t very well go around demanding things for yourself.  That would be transparently selfish.  No, to charge their altruistic batteries and cover their selfishness, they claim to be acting on behalf of the poor, the mistreated and the environment.  All of humanity and creation are their concern.  There then.  That makes it all better.

And so, if daddy finally says, “There’s the door, hit the road, grow up, college is over, it’s time for you to go to work” —they rush into the arms of the government and suck that tit for life.  I swear most of the people I knew in college are either dead, on the dole, or approaching retirement after a life devoted to the bureacracy or to ‘teaching.’  Now that they sense their spawn will take their advice and ‘drop out,’ thereby failing to sustain Social Security, they embrace universal healthcare as the next lifeline, noticing as well they have no savings.  

And it is not only healthcare of course.  The radical left would let the government run the whole shootin’ match so we can have housing and food stamps and clothing subsidies and rapid transit.  Shoot, pretty soon we can enjoy our inalienable right to simply sit around and feel good.   (Yeah man, but like who’s gonna like grow the food and stuff…?)  They would trade a proud republic for a hippy commune in a heart beat, not realizing the commune can only exist for a heart beat, not only because the productive capacity fails, but because you cannot run the road on good intentions.  People always tend toward self interest.  So the trick is directing self interest for the common good: republic!

And we haven’t even talked about the influence of the drug culture on the Veruca Syndrome.  Feeling good was good enough for me.  Good enough for me and Bobby McGee.  Are we happy yet?

The tragedy is real happiness eludes them.

Radical leftists don’t understand that real happiness has everything to do with the sense of accomplishment derived from the productive activity of an independent moral agent providing for himself, and by that capacity, generating enough surplus, to help others, voluntarily, the truly moral high road, the more intelligent path.

Radical leftists don’t understand, even with their superior intellect, that the more government you have, the less liberty remains, and that that result tends to screw up the whole pursuit of happiness thing.  

Still they insist on the benevolence of Big Brother Barack, even when he disappoints, and destroys.

Never let a logical fallacy interfere with a good cry.


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