Potential for violence in this atmosphere


by Allan Erickson

The winds and rules of war.

Dear Lord,

The world is going crazy.

Help us not to go there too.



Conspiracy theorists are often dismissed and ridiculed. Sometimes it is a different story when everyone has a chance to look more carefully after time passes.  Given time and more information, hindsight provides insight, and, taking stock of history can often provide foresight.

We live in very tense times, that is no secret.  We live in a time when the federal government seems to stumble around like Baby Huey, trashing our bank accounts, stomping on our civil liberties, and embarrassing us overseas.  On the domestic front, strife escalates.  Name calling, finger pointing, and worse, increase daily.  Many people perceive their government the enemy of freedom, sensing a growing tendency toward authoritarianism, all for good reason.

Now we have major media outlets claiming some Americans actually want the President shot.  Nothing like a little self-fulfilling prophecy to destroy the opposition eh?

Several people warned JFK not to go to Dallas in November of 1963.   Reportedly, several people warned Lincoln not to go to Ford’s Theatre.  Is it likely some have advised Obama not to purposefully throw gas on a spreading fire he started?

Yet what else can he do? 

If he loses on healthcare his supporters turn on him, and the likelihood is his presidency fails. At this tipping point, he risks having Congress languish for 18 months, and the rest of his agenda will be neglected.  For Obama, it is crunch time, hence the hysteria. 

We see today Obama even going so far as to mount the pulpit preaching Christian charity having disclaimed our Christian origins.  

Accusing his critics of misrepresentations, he  presents outright lies about healthcare in a desperate attempt to turn the wheel of this Titanic.  Looks like Reid will even try to rig the vote in the Senate: description here.

Accusing his critics of orchestrating town hall protests, he orchestrates counter attacks in New Jersey, Montana and on the internet, even hiring demonstrators to elevate his image, while his PR pals get rich amid the swirl. 

All matters made worse by the paranoid crowing on television, especially MSNBC* predicting assassination attempts.

When you have a faltering President headhunting the majority, a man deeply ego-invested in the success of his policies now seen orchestrating domestic strife, anything can happen.

Indeed, much as happened already.  This administration and its allies—notably SEIU, The Apollo Alliance, ACORN, ColorofChange and hundreds of publically-funded political action outfits like them—-are working overtime to convince Americans that conservatives are the villians.   Never mind the Democrats have an unprecedented power hold in Washington.  If they can’t get their act together, it is the fault of conservatives, obviously!

Stand in Obama’s way and you pay.

Ask Glenn Beck what it is like to be in Obama’s crosshairs.

Shoot, ask Hillary.

Early on, Napolitano of Homeland Security, issued a report warning about rightwing extremists, domestic terrorists, single-issue activists and returning vets, the first assault on the opposition in the public relations war to salvage the 2010 elections.  Since then we have seen a vast escalation of attacks on anyone opposed to ObamaCare, anyone questioning the administration in any regard. 

All conspiracy theory?

Recall Obama’s campaign thuggery in Chicago threatening a radio station with the gall to air an interview with a reporter digging into Obama’s past.  Recall the thuggery in and around the Texas caucuses.  Recall the use of law enforcement to cow media in Missouri.  Obama is no stranger to throwing elbows and hitting below the belt.

And now the President is the nexus of the assault on domestic tranquilty, actively campaigning against all opposition, demonizing it as un-American, evil, slanderous and anti-democratic.

Obama appears willing to any length to feed his ego and exact his legislative vengeance, even to the point of waging war against majority sentiment and allowing, even encouraging, racial tension and suspicion.  This then is a prescription for disaster or at least serious upheaval.

Add to the mix threats from without, and stepped up racial tensions within, and you have the atmospheric conditions exist for some nutjob to step out of the tornado and do something idiotic, and tragic.

Given all this, is it beyond the pale to suppose some people would actually welcome the tragic to achieve political goals (and I don’t mean conservatives)?

* This REDSTATE blog posting presents troubling evidence major media may actually be contributing to the likelihood violence will be directed at the President.  Let’s not forget, various voices of concern for Obama’s safety were raised during the campaign and for several months after the election and into the new year, concerns centering on the racist motivations of potential aggressors.

In other words, the stage has long been set to crucify conservatives should such a tragic event play out.

And this would not be the first time.

Remember when the Contract for America was obliterated in the wake of the Oklahoma City Bombing? And pray tell who was responsible for that bit of vicious propaganda?  Not such a conspiracy theory now with the passage of time and the insights shared here by Dr. Jack Wheeler demonstrating for some, any means justify the end when it comes to power, its acquisition and exercise. 

Dr. Wheeler excerpt:  “Bill Clinton, the Democrats in Congress, and the entire gang of their enablers in the media were able to smear the Gingrich Republicans and anyone advocating less government control over their lives with the brush of ‘right-wing terrorist’ Timothy McVeigh.”

Just why is Bill Clinton meeting with Barack Obama today?

The Obama administration’s approval ratings have plummeted.  The President is in retreat and regroup mode on healthcare.  His minions are on full throttle counter-attack, and the people associated with Tea Parties and Town Hall protests, average Americans from across the political spectrum, show no signs of backing down.  In fact, they are organizing and escalating.

Push has come to shove.

It is hard to see how cool heads will prevail especially in view of the fact this is a real war, not simply a disagreement among friends.

Barack and Michelle and Co. have made it very clear they think America is a mean country filled with racist people and capitalist exploiters, Bible huggers and assorted gun and lug nuts.  They are also making it very clear their aim is not to ‘form a more perfect Union.’  Instead, their goal is to completely remake the Union into something the Founders would not recognize, something Lincoln did not fight the Civil War to establish or preserve.

For if Obama gets his way, his will no longer be a  republican government for, by and of the people. 

It will be an authoritarian government for, by and of the usurpers, the radicals, the parasites and the elitists.

It will no longer be our aim to secure liberty and justice for all.  Rather, it will be his aim to establish liberty and justice for the politically correct.

Therefore, this fight is for the very soul of the nation, and consequently, it will be a fight to the finish.

Perhaps we can fight with honor, but so far, the cult of Obama has shown little interest in honoring the rules of war.

Wheeler asks cryptically:  “Are Zero, Emanuel, Andy Stern of SEIU, evil enough to perpetrate an actual act of ‘right-wing terrorism’ rather than stage a failed attempt?  I don’t know, and that’s frightening enough.”


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Our military and law enforcement personnel are squarely in the center of America’s increasing tensions. They must be armed and ready, with the truth.
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