BHO: Smartest man in the world



As for Cheney, he feels vindicated. He released a statement that said, “The documents released Monday clearly demonstrated that the individuals subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques provided the bulk of intelligence we gained about al Qaeda. This intelligence saved lives and prevented terrorist attacks.” **

President terrorizes CIA: another Obama misstep.

War on Terrorism: To torture or not to torture Kouri

Good discussion here: notice Carville spin

CIA demoralized Commentary

by Allan Erickson

Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but provocation by a fool is heavier than both.   Proverbs 27:3

You have to wonder about a man who insists on shooting himself in the foot.  How can such a man be said the smartest man in the world?  What kind of leader contradicts his people almost daily, provoking them as if intentionally stirring up a swarm of wrath?

Barack Obama is a mass of walking contradictions.  The more we see of the man, the more we see him unconcerned about his hypocrisy, just as he appears disaffected by growing majority rage.

He claims to be a fiscal conservative then squanders our money.  He claims to want low taxes, then moves to raise every one possible.

He claims to be a Christian, tries to guilt-trip people to support ObamaCare invoking Christian charity, says America is not a Christian nation, tells the world we are rather an emerging Muslim country, and then can’t seem to understand why he is perceived the fool, or worse, especially when he reveals attitudes and opinions directly contradicting Christian beliefs, showing he is no Christian.

That’s what 20 years at Jeremiah Wright’s church does for you one supposes.  Conflict and alienation, not brotherly love, the center of that theology.

Shown the charlatan, he yawns, dismissive of consequence.  Is he a sociopath?

Otherwise, pick an issue, any issue.  Notice how this President will take any number of sides, working all sides against his opposition, taking triangulation to new heights.   The central rationale for healthcare reform changed weekly.  The list of villians grew weekly, distilling down to calling out all opposition naming them loud-mouthed liars.  His front men in Congress—having fumbled the healthcare ball Obama insisted they carry–said much worse about town hall Americans protesting ObamaCare.

Imagine.  A President saying the majority of Americans are loud-mouthed liars, encouraging his colleagues to call them anti-American, even evil. 

But this should come as no surprise. 

He told us before the hypnotized masses gave him the nod that America is a violent, racist, homophobic, sexist, imperialistic country populated by bible-thumping gun-huggers. 

You see America, this President looks upon you and your people with disdain.  You are mostly typical white people, deserving of all kinds of payback, disrespect and outright abuse.  Debate is all well and good when radicals are shovel ready to bury Bush.  Let a traditionalist object to a radical President and we are all supposed to shut up and sit down.

On abortion, gay marriage, the census, cap and trade, gun control, fiscal policy, energy policy, national defense, foreign policy, the environment, law enforcment, judicial appointments or a host of other issues, this President now stands in stark opposition to the majority of people.   Worse, he actively engages political combat with his own people.

The Professor Gates incident crystalized matters for many people and the healthcare debacle brought laser focus.

Now, as if oblivious to the resentment and deep anger felt by the growing majority, this President, hiding behind the skirts of the Justice Department, declares a proxy war against the CIA just as the war on terror escalates and his Afghan policy disintegrates. 

At a time when we should be strengthening and encouraging our intelligence gathering professionals, this President, contradicting himself once again, decides to investigate and perhaps prosecute the very people who’ve kept us safe for eight years.  Having once said let’s look forward, he recants, looking backward.  Why?

No doubt—being a total political animal—Obama’s war on the CIA is calculated.   He has watched his approval rating plummet.  More people disapprove than approve by 8 points (Rasmussen).   His base of support is turning against him given his continuation of war overseas.  Losing a major domestic battle over healthcare leaves him seriously wounded especially in view of the disarray in Congress and in the ranks of Democrats everywhere.

Vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard he leaves Eric Holder to launch the next offensive, an intentional assault on the CIA to distract and redirect the discussion, away from Obama’s failures and hypocrisy, a return to the play book: hammer all things Bush and Cheney.

Trouble is Mr. Obama, it’s a whole new ball game, and your old playbook just doesn’t cut it anymore.  People see through you as if you were made of glass.  The people know you only care about you.

Provoking your own people over and over is not leadership.  Attacking your own countrymen is hardly patriotic.  Playing games with people’s lives is downright despicable.

But you can’t throw the whole country under the bus. 

Or is that the idea?


** Cheney was right  Human Events

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However, perhaps A FULL INVESTIGATION will catch this bird in the net [No. She has protection.]


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