August 26, 2009


RE: healthcare ‘reform’

Knowing you will likely ignore this communication, it is sent anyway, with the hope you will place country before party, principle before personal ambition. 

Obama put you fellas in the popcorn machine on this one.  I’d be a little corked if I were you.

ObamaCare as defined by HR 3200 essentially puts the federal government in charge of healthcare at enormous cost when we are already broke according the former comptroller general David Walker, a Democrat, the nation’s bookkeeper for 10 years.

Many of us believe federalizing healthcare is unconstitutional in light of the  10th Amendment and analysis of Article 1, Sec. 8 and the Federalist Papers.  The federal government has bankrupt Social Security and Medicare.  Even if ObamaCare is forced upon us, why should we believe the government will do a better job?  You guys can’t even administer an ill-advised program like Cash for Clunkers.

According to numerous, reliable surveys, the vast majority of people believe the healthcare system is good and they are happy with their insurance.  We also agree the truly vulnerable (not the willfully uninsured) can be assisted with vouchers or inclusion in Medicare.   And we do not believe there are 46 million uninsured.  The number is actually about 18 million.  Opening competition between health insurers, allowing them national presence, will increase quality and reduce costs.  Why are you not pursuing this easy, fast, effective and inexpensive solution? 

Malpractice insurance premiums cripple doctors. Tort reform could be a huge part of the solution to high costs.  Why are you neglecting that angle?

We know nationalized healthcare in Massachusetts, Canada and Great Britain are enormous failures, and, we realize this government’s attempts to take over healthcare in the U.S. is a power grab for the sake of control which translates to loss of liberty, the foundation of the republic. 

Know that growing majorities are fed up with professional politicians of any stripe willing to give the government more and more power to interfere with our private lives.   You have pushed us to the limit.  This outrageous financial irresponsibility must end or you will put an end to our way of life.  ObamaCare is not only an abomination from a financial point of view, it assaults the Constitution and strikes at the heart of the republic, all in the name of putting a bureaucrat between the patient and the doctor.  Reduce costs and increase quality care?  You really must think we are stupid.

We will not stand for it. We will work feverishly to defeat any politician that stands with those forcing ObamaCare, or any tax and spend agenda that centralizes more power in Washington, always detrimental to personal liberty.

Finally, you may think we are a bunch of morons duped by the insurance and drug companies, and there will be no consequence to calling us brown shirts and anti-American evil mongers, but settling on that conclusion makes you morons duped by your leadership.

The anger we felt in April has turned to rage.  Stand opposed to ObamaCare, or stand aside.

Allan Erickson

Newberg, OR  97132


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