It is the economy, stupid


Anybody remember James Carville during the 1992 presidential campaign coaching Bill Clinton to stay on message so as to beat George H.W. Bush?

“It’s the economy stupid.”

Interestingly, in view of today’s politics, Carville also urged Clinton to hammer away at “change” and “healthcare.”

Fast forward Clinton redux: same suit different face, but situations reversed.

Democrats and their apologists in media—notably Chris Matthews—fearing a rout in 2010, are desperate to put a smiley face on economic news.  The famous ‘leg tingler’ Matthews is almost disassociating these days, presenting bizarre justifications in support of Obamanomics.

Matthews: ‘Gov’t spending was necessary to stimulate consumer spending and business investment to avoid another great depression.’

Whole Matthews comedy routine  here.

Shall we keep in mind Matthews has stated flat out that his job is to make this president successful? How incredibly absurb.  First, when did it become a ‘journalist’s’ job to make a public official successful, and secondly, what kind of ego drives a guy like Matthews to believe he has that much influence anyway?

As to the glowing economic reports Mr. Matthews, you either need to pull your head out of your back pocket and do some reading, or fire your research staff and start over.  Get a load of these reports you strutting peacock.

Wake up call on the economy  Heritage Foundation

Consumers and investors are confident? HA!

Real unemployment is 15.6%

2nd Mortgage default crisis on the way, hyperinflation, risk of depression is great

Despite the evidence of serious economic decline thanks to Obamanomics, Chris Matthews wants us to believe Obama is our savior, he is doing a great job, and the media is negligent not giving the President adequate credit.

Chris, are you on drugs?  Is Keith Olbermann your pusher man?


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