Moyers blames BHO and Dems for healthcare reform failure


“Everyone already knows the White House has made a deal with the drug industry — promising not to import cheaper drugs from Canada and Europe – promising not to use the government to negotiate for better prices — that deal has been cut.”

Bill Moyers, darling of the Left, says White House serving corporate interests

[Why is Obama failing?  Not because of Republicans.  Not thanks to racists or fear-mongers. Not due to vitriolic town hall people or TEA Parties.  No.  Moyers says Obama is failing because he and the Democrats are beholden to corporate interests and they are the obstacle to ‘progressive’ healthcare reform.     HA!   There is justice.] 



MOYERS:  I don’t think the problem is the Republicans . . . .The problem is the Democratic Party.  This is a party that has told its progressives — who are the most outspoken champions of health care reform — to sit down and shut up.  That’s what Rahm Emanuel, the Chief of Staff at the White House, in effect told progressives who stood up as a unit in Congress and said: “no public insurance option, no health care reform.”

And I think the reason for that is — in the time since I was there, 40 years ago, the Democratic Party has become like the Republican Party, deeply influenced by corporate money.  I think Rahm Emanuel, who is a clever politician, understands that the money for Obama’s re-election will come from the health care industry, from the drug industry, from Wall Street.  And so he’s a corporate Democrat who is determined that there won’t be something in this legislation that will turn off these interests. . . .

Money in politics — you’ve had in the last 30 years, money has flooded politics . .. the Supreme Court saying “money is free speech.”  It goes back to the efforts in the 19th Century to give corporations the right of personhood — so if you as a citizen have the right to donate to campaigns, then so do corporations.  Money has flowed in such a flood into both parties that the Democratic Party gets a lot of its support from the very interests that — when the Republicans are in power — financially support the Republicans.  

You really have essentially — except for the progressives on the left of the Democratic Party – you really have two corporate parties who in their own way and their own time are serving the interests of basically a narrow set of economic interests in the country — who, as Glenn Greenwald, who is a great analyst and journalist, wrote just this week:  these narrow interests seem to win, determine the outcomes, no matter how many Democrats are elected, no matter who has their hands on the levers of powers, these narrow interests determine the outcomes in Washington, even when they have to run roughshod over the interests of ordinary Americans.  I’m sad to say that has happened to the Democratic Party.

I’d rather see Barack Obama go down fighting for vigorous strong principled public insurance, than to lose with a [corporate-dominated] bill . . . . the insurers are winning. Everyone already knows the White House has made a deal with the drug industry — promising not to import cheaper drugs from Canada and Europe – promising not to use the government to negotiate for better prices — that deal has been cut . . .

There’s this fear that Barack Obama will become the Grover Cleveland of this era – Grover Cleveland was a good man, but he became a conservative Democratic President because he didn’t fight the powerful interests – people say Obama should be FDR – I’d much rather see him be Theodore Roosevelt –– Teddy Roosevelt loved to fight – … I think if Obama fought instead of really finessed it so much . . . I think it would change the atmosphere.

[All this time and Bill Moyers still doesn’t understand conservatism or Americanism.  At least he is honest enough to name the crooks yet curiously continues worshipping the cult.  It is also hilarious to see this pundit and others completely miss the genuine ground swell opposition to ObamaCare across the nation, the spontaneous and disorganized outcry from all kinds of people who know a gov’t con when they see one.  Moyers and others either miss the real grassroots backlash or purposefully dismiss it because it contradicts their narrative, and that, quite frankly, is the essence of group think.  ‘Common folk couldn’t possibly oppose the benevolence of such a wonderful president!  Don’t they know we are the good guys, we know best, we have their best interests at heart?  Don’t they appreciate how much we CARE?’]


O-ministration will implode in weeks

The Business Consequences of Challenging Obama’s Statist Policies   BHO cozy with corporations, so long as they toe the mark


Why Obamacare is failing

by Michael Gerson, Washington Post


In fact, Obama has a reality problem on health care, and it has begun to threaten his standing as a leader. He staked the success of his early presidency — perhaps of his entire presidency — on a health reform plan both vague and divisive, which manages to anger deficit hawks as well as liberals who believe that compromise has already gone too far. Obamacare has been the political version of the neutron bomb, vaporizing supporters while leaving every structural obstacle in place.

The political damage is already considerable. Obama has seen one of the largest drops in approval for a new president in modern times. Confidence among political independents that Obama has the ability to make the right decisions has fallen by 20 percentage points since his inauguration.


Why ‘ObamaCare’ is failing

The Obama administration has been astoundingly incompetent

by Jonah Goldberg


Lashing out at the town-hall protesters, playing the race card, whining about angry white men, and whispering ominously about right-wing militias is almost always a sign of liberalism’s weakness — a failure of the imagination.

It’s funny how these supposed champions of the Enlightenment can’t grasp that people can disagree with them for honest reasons. Instead, we simply must be Limbaugh’s automatons, which is to say racist, fascist thugs.

In addition to the slander, such complaints are monumentally, incandescently lame coming from a party that controls Washington. According to liberals themselves, these evil-mongers are a tiny minority, a bunch of “Astroturf” frauds. So why not ignore them and get on with the work you were elected to do?

Well, because they can’t — or won’t.


6 Responses to Moyers blames BHO and Dems for healthcare reform failure

  1. Splash says:

    The Big O was just a do boy for the Liberals. The real president sits in the Speaker’s chair. Funny, I see one big corporate party … and then Conservatives on the sideline.

    Whoever is in charge,we’ve got them on the ropes! Mike Enzi put a lot of nails in the coffin of The Big O’s Health Care Deformity with his response to the President’s radio address. With such a high ranking member of the Senate Health Committee turning away from even negotiating on the legislation, Obamacare took a mighty blow. Enzi showed us that in LiberaLand even a god can bleed.

  2. Enzi is GREAT! Thanks Splash!

  3. […] Bill Moyers blames BHO and Dems for healthcare reform failure […]

  4. […] Bill Moyers blames BHO and Dems for healthcare reform failure […]

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