Bloodiest month ever in Afghanistan


Obama brings change all right

By Allan Erickson

In eight days we remember those lost on September 11, 2001.

On Sept. 8th the President will address all American public school children, telling them up front, be serious about your education, with the back message being: support my administration.

On Sept. 9th, the President addresses a joint session of Congress to pistol whip anyone opposed to ObamaCare, the latest policy fiasco and financial boondoggle dragging this country further down the road to humiliation and bankruptcy.  (Of course the President’s show of force in support of healthcare reform will be pure political theater since Bill Moyers has reported Obama is in the hip pocket of Big Healthcare.)

In the mean time, our men and women in uniform in Afghanistan and Iraq and around the world voluntarily fight our enemies, during a time of extraordinary uncertainty.

Enemy violence is escalating against civilians in Iraq following American troop pull backs from the cities.  Sabers rattle with vengeance in Iran and North Korea and in our southern hemisphere.

August was the bloodiest month ever in Afghanistan for American troops.  We lost 45 soldiers.  Our allies, the Brits, have lost many men too.

George Will and others call for a pullout saying we’ve done all we can in Afghanistan, nation building is not the path to victory, it has gone on long enough, enough is enough.

Carlson at the Atlantic does a great job of providing a wealth of insight compiling this series of editorials and articles, link here.

And, the Washington Post urges we stay, editorial here.

Ask the men and women on the ground doing all the fighting and bleeding and dying, and we suspect you will hear them say, stay the course Mr. President, the Afghans do not support the Taliban, they want to be free of them, the Pakistanis want us to succeed, and remember, always remember, there remains mutual support between the Taliban and al Qaeda.  We are here to protect our families too.

Remember 9/11. 

Remember our enemies work and plan daily to attack us again, and our best defense at home is offense overseas.

Barack Obama campaigned promising an emphasis on Afghanistan, calling it the central front in the ‘effort to confront human-caused disasters,’ or the other tortured revision of  ‘the global war on terror,’  — “overseas contingency operations”.

When we took the bad guys on, head on, we won, remained safe at home, and liberated more than 50 million people so they too could have a chance at freedom and prosperity.

Since then, this President has appeased, back-pedaled, accommodated, sanitized the language, traveled around the world apologizing, bowed to the Saudi king, made a weak and apologetic speech in Cairo, denigrated our Christian heritage, proclaimed America an emerging Muslim nation, eviscerated our intelligence gathering capability, cut our defense and military strength, sent a special Ramadan greeting to the world, and soon, Muslims will converge on D.C. for a national Islamic prayer event.

What has been our reward for all this capitulation?

Serial setbacks on the battlefied, serial setbacks globally, loss of will at home and among allies, no help from NATO, plus, enemy escalations on virtually every front.

The people who said Muslim fighters only fight harder when they sense weakness were correct. One cannot domesticate the cobra.

Meanwhile, it is obvious this administration is not worthy of our troops.

So much for the hope that was promised if we embraced change.

[BTW: you promised bin Laden’s head on a platter Mr. Obama.  Where is it?  Another promise broken.]

PS:  Did you know American taxpayers are funding terrorism?  Oh yes, quite the scandal, nobody seems to know about.

PPS:  With a President like this, I wouldn’t blame our military men and women if they resigned after their contracts.  With a President like this, it seems to me we’d best bring everybody home and sand bag the coasts and the borders.    \


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