American Exceptionalism by Bill Whittle


Bill Maher and BHO and Michael Moore and other self-proclaimed superhumans do not believe America is particularly exceptional.  They believe America is an exploitive, racist, imperialistic, militaristic, no good rotten stupid country.

Wrong.  How about a few facts to ponder?

Bill Maher, Barack Obama and the Truth About American Exceptionalism|15min

By Pajamas Media/Bill Whittle


Maher gets owned once again.  Whittle is brilliant.  Maher is pathetic.  Makes my day…

More info here.



Why is America Unique?

How does one explain American exceptionalism?

Five Black Scholars Speak to our Times


2 Responses to American Exceptionalism by Bill Whittle

  1. Cain and Todd Benson's Art says:

    “American Exceptionalism”. Art, image.

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