‘Listen, Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones…

. . . we had a thiiinnng, goin’ on.’ 

Obama and his Grievance Grinchs

“Are you a locust or a honey bee?”  Van Jones, professor of black and white thinking.

Mr. Jones says the fight for social justice and a green economy is a moral imperative, a spiritual quest, a religion.  (More from the BS brigade.)

Van Jones, benevolent progressive, here.  (Mr. Jones: The real revolutionaries were the Founding Fathers who brought forth justice, and liberty, for all.)

Communist revolutionary Van Jones, Obama’s green jobs advisor, resigned last night saying, “On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.” (AP)

Takes himself rather seriously it would seem. 

Ironic that an expert in distortion, and one of the most divisive personalities on the national scene, would decry distortion and divisiveness.  People resign for reasons, usually because they’ve become liabilities for misdeeds, or because they’ve been hounded from office by effective smear campaigns.  Palin was hounded by smears.  Van Jones is a king of misdeeds.

Americans embrace reformers who love America and hold the nation’s best interests in mind.  Mr. Jones is otherwise. He fancies himself a revolutionary reformer, but his idea of reform is to “change the whole thing!  We gonna change the whole system,” he told an audience of youth in D.C. last March, full speech here.  In this, of course, he is identical to his leader, Mr. Obama.

You see, Mr. Jones’ problem is not his critics.  Mr. Jones’ problem is Mr. Jones. 

He hates America, preaches division, constantly levels false charges against our country, creating needless resentments by demonizing all things traditional, calling for revolution, and then he can’t seem to understand why people hold him in low regard.

For those of us who’ve been around a while, listening to Mr. Jones’ remarks in D.C. is cause for laughter.  We heard the same rants in the 60s and 70s: the evil corporate Republicans are polluting the planet out of greed, what about the Native Americans, what about women, what about our brothers and sisters in the third world, what about Hispanics, what about people in prison, what about the earth, what about justice, what about immigrants, what about Asians, what about coal miners?  Huh?  Then the firebrand would usually tell his listeners they were the last hope for the planet, the only ones with the love and devotion sufficient to overcome rich white people, the real demons among us, so we’d better get to work to save the planet or future generations will condemn us…blah, blah, blah.

Liars like Mr. Jones never take into consideration facts such as American ingenuity and charity and productivity have blessed the world like no other, America leads the way in cleaning up the environment, in medical research and provision of care at home and abroad, America has always led the way to settle disputes and work for peace, America and like-minded countries feed the world, and care for the widow and the orphan, America sets the example for progress, racial reconciliation and advances in women’s rights.  America is exceptional, worthy of support, and in need of real patriots willing to work for a more perfect union.  She is not a candidate for a complete make over in the image of Karl Marx.

Since the 60s, a few of us grew up and learned the other side of the story, achieving something of a more balanced and comprehensive view.

Not Mr. Jones.  Not Mr. Obama.  They are actually reactionaries, stuck in a purple haze, a 60s mentality.

Mr. Jones the narrow-minded, one of an army of assistant Pied Pipers in this administration, thinks instilling hate and resentment in youth is the way to achieve ‘loving’ reforms so that all may enter the grand communist paradise.   The good news is Americans are seeing, almost daily, the religious cult of radicalism in full flower, and they don’t like it.

You can put a radical in a suit and tie, give him soft words and an advisory post, even supply a teleprompter, but the rage will still seep out eventually, startling average people who are just trying to meet payroll, pay their bills and raise their kids to be decent citizens.  They are a bit sick and tired of the constant harangue, the unending accusations of racism and imperialism and sexism.

Mr. Jones, you had an opportunity to do good, and blew it.  Be a man.  Take responsibility.  Grow up.

Many people do not realize Mr. Jones started his activism career by taking a film crew to the streets of San Francisco to antagonize the police to try and capture their ‘brutality’ on film so he could file lawsuits.

Many people do not realize Mr. Jones was one of the rioters following the Rodney King verdict, that he was arrested and jailed for burning and looting and participating in violence, and that he reveled in his jail mates and their radical communist ideas which he readily embraced.

Mr. Jones is an America-hating communist who believes Bush administration officials purposefully allowed 9/11 so that they’d have a justification to launch a global war for oil and dominance.  Mr. Jones believes all Republicans are “a**holes.”   He is associated with STORM, ACORN, The ColorofChange, and the WeatherUnderground, all radical anti-American groups.   And like these organizations, Mr. Jones believes all evil in the world can be traced back to American capitalism.

There’s nuanced thinking for you. 

We’ve had to listen to the likes of Mr. Jones for decades.  They’ve had the soap box and the television time for much of that time.  What is especially horrendous: the methods they use to indoctrinate youth. 

You will notice in the D.C. speech how Mr. Jones uses the hip approach at first, because, as the constant message is beamed, unless you agree, you are not hip.  Then he tickles their ears telling them how special they are, how they were born for a purpose (his purpose), how only they can save the planet because only they are sensitive and wise and interested in justice, and everyone else is an idiot. 

Note the approach: us versus them, we are cool and right and righteous and superior and exclusive, while ‘they’ are criminals, racists, sexists, exploiters, the ones who rape Mother Nature.

Few stop to think that the freedom and prosperity they enjoy, allowing them to attend such nonsense, was delivered up by the hardworking people they demonize, the ones who paid their tuition to be brainwashed attending university.  Now there’s appreciation for you.

We have allowed our young people to be intellectually assaulted by people like Mr. Jones for far too long. The push back we are seeing now is not, as Mr. Jones would have us believe, the result of rotten people making a sacrificial lamb of him in their attempts to destroy needed reforms.

No, Mr. Jones, the push back comes because we are sick and tired of people like you making a living off the backs of average Americans by constantly denigrating all things American and working feverishly to destroy our republic.  Just like his ideal leader, Mr. Jones overplayed his hand.

Finally, if you had any doubt about the viciousness of the man, behold this 2003 recording, listen here, a Van Jones production, with these lovely lyrics:

“The American way manufactured by white folk in office, by these rich men here to mock us. The United States; a piece of stolen land led by right-wing, war-hungry, oil thirsty… And when it’s all said and done still can’t [garbled] the wrong place cause they got people of color playing servant to do that s**t for them; mother f**kers ready to wipe out soft targets on territories harboring terrorists?  Tragedy. The true terrorists are made in the U.S.”

“No American would put up with an Israeli-style occupation of their hometown for 53 days let alone 54 years. US tax dollars are funding violence against people of color inside the US borders and outside the US borders.”

Life lesson for Mr. Jones:  When you go around poking people in the eye with your filthy left index finger, eventually, they are going to cuff you, deservedly.

Our message Mr. Jones?   Go to hell, or to Cuba (one and the same).


Another Grinch here: 


PS:  Note the backlash in Latin America too—



To all:

We are having an effect! Van Jones, the (admitted) radical communist “Green Jobs” Czar resigned today. Glenn Beck has been given the credit for almost singlehandedly slapping him down. Glenn should get credit, along with all the other talk show hosts who caught on after him and pounded the airwaves with this information.

BUT WHO GOT THE INFORMATION THAT BECK USED???  The unsung hero in this episode is the person who brought Jones’ radical background to light, a man – not even an American – who labors night and day with NO remuneration and rarely any recognition for his titanic efforts, a man I am proud to call my friend: Trevor Loudon. Please visit his blog, New Zeal, and show your appreciation with a donation.

FYI, it was also Trevor who first discovered that the infamous “Frank” in Obama’s “Dreams of My Father” book, was communist Frank Marshall Davis. Trevor has done more work on Obama’s radical roots than probably anyone else in the world, and he receives scant recognition for it.

From a grateful America, I can cofidently say: Congratulations Trevor! You the man! You the man! Your diligent efforts were the critical link in bringing this scumbag down.

One despicable, subhuman boil on the face of the earth down, 43 more to go. I would add here that while Jones may be the only admitted communist in Obama’s administration, most of the others have merely neglected to admit it.


Jim Simpson


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