Evil Republicans spoil Obama’s night out


A few thoughts and questions concerning all this hysteria about the behavior of Republicans last night: 

>Shall we recount all the various things said and done by Leftists to denigrate Conservatives during the last 40 years?   The comparative scale of offense would be revealing, perhaps on the order of 100 to 1 in favor of Leftists being ‘classless.’

>Were the Founders bashful about speaking boldly to oppressive power?

>Is it possible the majority of Americans feel the same way as Mr. Wilson given this summer of discontent and the polling data showing Mr. Obama’s approval ratings plummeting to a negative 14, Rasmussen?

>Is there credence in the assertion that every time the Left starts losing ground, the only reply they muster is demonize and ridicule the opposition, while they complain about alleged demonization in their direction?

>If it is true the President lied to us about provisions in his yet-to-be-articulated and ever-changing healthcare plan, is it an American citizen’s right to point that out, either on the streets, or in the Capitol Building, even during a presidential speech?

>Finally, where were all the giants of civility when President Bush was verbally assaulted thousands of times for eight years, right up to and including the inauguration ceremony last January?

It really does depend on whose ox is getting gored, doesn’t it?



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