AARP concerned about Kevorkian Clause


Last week the President assured us there was no reason to be alarmed about bureaucrats pulling the plug on seniors under terms of his reform legislation.  He called those raising such concerns people willing to sabotage reform at any cost, irresponsible liars.

Well, here we have AARP registering concerns about what has been called the Kevorkian Clause in the former House Bill, HR 3200.

The President has also told us we can keep our current insurance.  (Nice of him to let us do what we like with our own healthcare don’t you think?)  However, this report documents why this is another misleading statement by the chief executive.

For other news and insight into what have been called Death Panels:


British Death Panel

By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, September 10, 2009 4:20 PM PT

Single Payer: In Britain, where the public option is about all most patients get, a newborn has died because national guidelines recommend that the baby not be treated. Yet again, government care produces tragedy.


RATIONING: this gentleman nails it down very well.

GOV’T WILL BRING COSTS DOWN?  HA!   This study shows government-run insurance will make matters worse in several directions.


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