Dems undermine troops with hate crimes legislation


Afghanistan hangs in the balance while politicians play games with lives of Americans in uniform.

Anti-Christian forces on the march, cynically including Hate Crimes legislation in Defense Reauthorization Bill

Mike Pence (R-Indiana) said it best on the floor of the House today: including Hate Crimes legislation in the Defense Reauthorization Bill is “unconscionable.”  Remarkable that a Republican would oppose a defense funding bill while troops are in the field.  Listen to Pence’s explanation:

Here, a great explanation of the real agenda behind Hate Crimes legislation promoted by Obama & the Democrats.  The agenda involves efforts to infringe upon freedom of speech and freedom of religion, in short, upending the Constitution by special interests promoting a social engineering strategy.

Meanwhile, the tension between the President and the Military increases as we lose ground in Afghanistan. 

White House angry at General Stanley McChrystal

Voice of Bush’s Favored General Is Now Harder to Hear

Young Hamlet’s Agony

Brilliantly crafted and perfectly cynical, the “Iraq War bad, Afghan War good” posture worked. Democrats first won Congress, then the White House. But now, unfortunately, they must govern. No more games. No more pretense. ”

Excellent analysis by Krauthammer


Democrats can be counted on to injure our troops, and attack our constitutional rights, all the while encouraging our enemies, foreign and domestic.  For being the so-called smartest people in the country, the Dems sure do know how to dig their own hole, and provoke rebellion. 


American troops in Afghanistan losing heart


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