Lionel the loser & other zeroes at Air America


Ever try to engage reasoned debate on the comment pages at Air America or HuffPo? 

Obama’s flying monkeys immediately swarm, viciously denouncing and spewing insults with the most vile personal attacks, and then the moderator expunges all your comments.  

So much for free speech.    (Click on the underlined paragraph below.  It will take you to the Air America page where my comments were once posted, including that paragraph, but all you will see now are the remarks of my adversaries.)

I have the distinction of being banned from HuffPo about a dozen times, and in the course of 24 hours, I was blocked from the comment pages of Air America three times.  

Did I use profanity, spam anyone, try to personally profit from the communications, threaten anyone, or otherwise violate the rules?  No.   The folks who did use profanity and who did threaten others remain posted, and have been frequently participants, for many months. 

Obviously the entire situation is ideologically-driven.  But it raises a poignant question:  if these people are so sure of the rightness of their positions, why are they so fearful of allowing dissent, even to the point of exercising outright censorship?

One answer is they are more interested in preserving their private slander fest and reinforcing their grim reaper mentality than they are extending any effort to test the presuppositions, and perhaps, learn something new.

And the audacity of the flying monkeys claiming  we are the hate-filled fascists, while they insist they are the protectors of civil discourse, truth, justice  and the American way!? 

Remarkable little robots aren’t they?


Healthcare protesters going away?  Don’t count on it!


It is a good thing Air America has  about 75 listeners.   The only way that boatload of broadcast bilge stays afloat is with Soros money.  So the more it fails, the more he wastes his resources, a very good thing.  However, Air America did provide a training ground for Al Franken to prep for a run at the Senate, and practice election fraud, also with the aid of King George.

Sources here and here.

It is useful to occasionally drop in and listen to an Air America snippet here and  there.  This morning I happened to listen to this rant by some character named Lionel.  Listen to the gnat caught up in his own little world:

Is America too stupid for revolution? audio

My comment:

Lionel apparently believes spewing crass generalizations amounts to useful analysis of American culture. He presents himself the intellectual at the same moment he violates every rule of intellectual inquiry. You’ll notice he has mastered the tools of the Left used since 1947 by Alinskyites everywhere: ridicule, demoralization, lies, antagonism, generalized criticism, personal attacks. All these weapons are deployed from the presuppositions repeated endlessly, that those on the Left are: better informed, more intelligent, morally superior and exceedingly compassionate. Notice Lionel never cites source data, never attributes his ‘opinions’ to any research. He just spews. To see the fruit of Lionel’s worldview one need look no further than California. The truth is, conservatives give more time and money to charity. (Arthur Brooks’ extensive studies.) The truth is conservatives have more in common with the Founders (see the Constitution and the Federalist Papers). The truth is American universities were founded by Christians and were at one time the best in the world, until secularists took over and ruined them with humanistic and atheistic world views, promoting Marxism and every ideology antagonistic to the notion of a democratic Republic. The truth is economic freedom nutured by Republic provides the most successful model ever known to human kind. The truth is millions of Americans have promoted goodness and freedom for more than 200 years, sending their sons and daughters overseas to fight and die in freedom’s cause. And the truth is morons like Lionel exhault terrorists and denegrate good and decent people, revealing his complete ignorance, selfishness, and depravity in the process. He actually gets paid to broadcast this sewage? Who signs the check? Oh, that’s right. George Soros, chief among the America haters. Look America. See the leash in Soros’ hand attached to Lionel’s collar? Finally, the truth is their crowned Prince Barack Obama is being revealed for the empty suit he has always been and Consequently Lionel and the rest of the hyenas must rally to his defense ala Rules for Radicals. Trouble is Lionel, it doesn’t wash anymore. The ‘stupid’ Americans you loathe are wise to your game, and your political days are numbered.  We will only have to suffer these fools for another year or two. Revolution? One way or another, you bet.

The one million or so protesters in D.C. on Sept 12 likely represent another 170 million people back home, hard working Americans who will take this country back from the usurpers and the whiners and the malcontents, one way or the  other Lionel.  You’d best go back to community college for job retraining.  Take advantage of all the taxpayer-funded goodies you can, while you can. 

Parting shot Lionel.   If you would read and listen and consider, you would perceive there are many things happening on many battle fronts to defeat your kind once and for all.  The great sleeping giant, called the American majority, has awakened, the tide is turning, and real change and hope are on the way back.


George Soros’s Democracy Alliance: In Search Of A Permanent Democratic Majority

*Air America: The struggling left-wing talk radio network filed for bankruptcy protection on October 13 after it reportedly had received a funding commitment of at least $8 million from the Alliance. The network touted by comedian Al Franken is said to have lost an astounding $41 million since 2004. Longtime radio executive Scott Elberg is Air America’s chief executive officer. The network’s headliners include TV sleaze merchant Jerry Springer.


Soros funds HuffPo/Code Pink, story here.

Real culture war is over capitalism by Arthur Brooks


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