Obama in his own words


Deficit three times what it was projected to be.

“We are an indebted nation, more vulnerable.  There has never been country in the world who saw its economy decline and was able to maintain its preeminence militarily.”

Video here: in his own words

What are the implications of this President’s economic and financial policies?

For one, the true cost of the Baucus healthcare plan is closer to $2 Trillion, analysis here.

A year ago, David Walker, former comptroller general for 10 years, the nation’s bookkeeper, and a Democrat, says we are headed for catastrophe.

Obama is doing the exact opposition of what we need to do to regain financial solvency.  Is Obama purposefully destroying our country?

David Horowitz and many others say yes.

Michael Savage, another sending the warning cry.

What should we focus on rebuilding?





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