What is wrong with gov’t healthcare?


S. 1796  –  The Baucus Boondoggle

Congressman Rogers from Michigan explains. Palin analysis.  Krauthammer examines CBO report. Doug Patton editorial.

Mr. Rogers was referencing HR 3200 which is not the same measure passed out of the Senate Finance Committee recently, but his remarks are nonetheless relevant conceptually and philosophically.

As to S. 1796, it was filed today, and it amounts to . . .  1,502 pages!

Full texts and summaries here.

Sarah Palin’s analysis

Financial implications: Heritage analysis


Krauthammer’s remarks on 10.8.09 on Fox:

On the CBO scoring of the Baucus health-care bill:

Look, the CBO scoring, the numbers that came in, the blessing it gave — is because of smoke and mirrors in the bill. For the people of Wichita, somebody has to wade into the weeds. I did it at great health risk.

Two items here. One of them is the $120 billion assumed of income from what are called “fees” of the big players in health care — the health insurers, the drug companies, the guys who do diagnostics and who produce the medical equipment.

The fee is a tax, and the tax, $120 billion, is going to end up out of your pocket and mine, because every penny of it will be in higher insurance, higher costs for drugs, for stents — any kind of medical devices — and for diagnostics. Everybody will pay.

But it’s hidden. It is a cowardly way to do a tax. You do it on the industry and it is passed on.

Secondly, there are individual mandates. People are going to be shelling out a huge amount every year on insurance, and those who don’t are going to have to pay a fine, also a tax, but under another name.

There are huge costs in here, which are all hidden, and that’s why it looks OK.

And secondly, there is a $400 billion assumption of cuts in Medicare. That is not going to happen. It is an illusion. It is a fantasy. And that’s why the numbers end up OK.

So if you really look behind all of these numbers, [the Baucus bill ] is a disaster.


Health Care Bill is About Control, Not Health Care

By Doug Patton

October 19, 2009

The entire Declaration of Independence, including all 56 signatures, is contained on a single hand-written sheet of paper.

The full and complete original Constitution of the United States of America is printed on six pages. The first four pages contain the basic text of the founding document. Page five is the letter of transmittal to the British government. And the sixth and final page contains all ten of the initial amendments, known as the Bill of Rights.

Karl Marx laid out The Communist Manifesto in a mere 23 pages.

The English translation of Dostoevski’s Crime and Punishment is 718 pages, while Tolstoy’s War and Peace weighs in at 1,225 pages. And try as she might, even Ayn Rand could manage only 1,069 pages in her magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged.

My personal, large-print New King James copy of the Bible contains 1,426 pages of text, a 64-page concordance and six pages of maps.

What do these momentous documents have in common with each other? They all contain fewer pages than the bloated senate health care bill, S. 1796, which totals a ridiculous 1,502 pages.

In other words, the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, the father of modern Communism, three of history’s most prolific Russian writers and even God Almighty Himself didn’t need as many words to get their entire message across as the self-important blowhards in Congress trying to express themselves on one single issue: health care.

But let’s be honest. What’s going on in Washington right now is not really about health care; it is about control. The senate leaders, in conjunction with the White House, are doing the same thing they did with the stimulus bill, the omnibus bill, the budget bill and the cap and trade bill. Thousands of pages of rules, regulations, restrictions and, most of all, astronomical spending. They believe that if they so overwhelm the American people with mind-numbing legalese, we will simply take their word for it that this poison pill isn’t going to hurt us.

On top of the already burdensome language of this monstrosity, they have made it a moving target. It started with House Resolution 3200. Now it has morphed into the senate version. But they are not even close to being finished with it. In fact, the current, so-called Baucus bill, with its “moderate” approach to health care reform, is merely the framework for the shell game Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is playing with our health care system. Even if S. 1796 were acceptable in a free society — which it isn’t — it in no way reflects how the final bill will read.

President Barack Obama and the domineering Democrat leadership in Congress never talk about freedom. They whine about “fairness” and “security,” but the word “liberty” is not in their vocabulary. The Founders would have considered the current “reform” going on in Congress as nothing short of criminal. They would rebel against this tyranny as surely as they revolted against the despotism of King George.

One thing on which we can depend: this process will not improve the bill. If this piece of statism passes, the federal government will eventually tell us what we can or cannot eat or drink, how much exercise we must do to stay fit, what we can and cannot smoke (pot yes, tobacco no), whether or not we can have guns in our homes (they’re dangerous, you know, and therefore affect our health care costs) and how many children we can have.

And they will do it all in the name of “health care reform.”


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